Cyrusher XF800 Review: Full Suspension Fat Tire Electric Bike

An aggressive, full suspension electric mountain bike that comes equipped with rugged fat tires, hydraulic disc brakes, a powerful 750W BAFANG hub motor (80Nm of torque), and waterproof 48V 13Ah battery...

Cyrusher XF800 Electric Mountain Bike



What is the Cyrusher XF800?

Cyrusher is a brand that’s well-known for its powerful, over-the-top e-bikes, and the XF800 does not disappoint. A full suspension eMTB with an aggressive riding position and powerful 750W BAFANG motor (1200W max output), the Cyrusher XF800 is a serious off-road machine that’s designed to tear up mountain trails, steep hills, and city streets.

This fun, fat tire electric bike gets high marks from us when it comes to versatility and all-terrain performance, and in this review of Cyrusher’s XF800, we’ll do a deep dive into this best-selling model’s features and specs, real-world performance, pros and cons, and more. We’ll also share a coupon code with you that can be used right now to save some serious money on a new XF800 e-bike.


COMPANY Cyrusher
CATEGORY Fat tire, all-terrain
RANGE 50 miles
WEIGHT 74 lbs
CUSTOMER RATING 4.8/5 (380+ reviews)
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    Harry Xie of Cyrusher

    About Cyrusher

    Cyrusher was founded in 2014 by Harry Xie, and since that time, the brand has emerged as a leading maker of high-performance fat tire electric bikes. With 6 rides in its 2023 range plus a growing range of accessories, the Cyrusher brand continues to expand and we're excited to see what the future holds for the company.

    Cyrusher e-bikes are backed by a rock-solid 2-year warranty which provides a generous amount of coverage in the event of a manufacturing defect. Additionally, there's a 14-day return policy for added peace of mind and Cyrusher doesn't charge the excessive restocking fees that many other brands are using to discourage returns.



    • Premium-quality 6061 aluminum alloy frame
    • Non-adjustable rear spring suspension
    • Lockout front suspension fork (80mm of travel)
    • Star Union hydraulic disc brakes (203mm front, 180mm rear)
    • 7-speed Shimano SL-TX50-7R derailleur
    • 170mm aluminum crank
    • 12-gauge stainless steel spokes
    • 26″ x 4″ Chaoyang fat tires


    • 750W BAFANG rear hub motor (1500W peak, 80Nm of torque)
    • 48V 13Ah Samsung/LG lithium-ion battery (IP65 waterproof rating)
    • 3.0 A smart charger
    • 48V LED headlight
    • 250 lumen LED headlight
    • 3.7″ LCD display
    • Half-twist throttle

    Cyrusher XF800 Review: E-Bike Overview

    The Cyrusher XF800 electric MTB is a tough and capable machine that’s designed to tackle steep hills and rough terrain. Featuring full suspension, good brakes, and a beefy battery, this is a well-equipped ride that’s built from the ground up to be ridden hard.

    We’ve always been impressed at how well Cyrusher’s fat tire e-bikes tackle steep hills and rough terrain, and the XF800 delivers the goods, as expected. The powerful 750-watt BAFANG motor is identical to the one used in the top-of-the-line Cyrusher XF900, and it peaks at 1500W while putting out 80Nm of torque. Also, shifting on the bike is nice and smooth, courtesy of the 7-Speed Shimano Tourney drivetrain.

    Mounted to the top of the bike’s downtube is a 48V 13Ah Samsung/LG battery that’s waterproof rated at IP65 and packs 50 miles of range on a single charge. Cable management on the XF800 could definitely be improved, but that’s something that can easily be taken care of.

    The included saddle is another weak spot on this model, and if you’re also planning to use this bike as a commuter, it’s something we’d recommend upgrading.

    The XF800’s rear rack is handy to have and it’s super convenient for attaching pannier bags or hauling groceries and other supplies.

    Stopping power on the XF800 is impressive, thanks to the Star Union hydraulic disc brakes. We also love the pairing of the bike’s full suspension and 26″ x 4″ Chaoyang fat tires which deliver a stable, smooth ride regardless of the terrain.

    Size and Weight

    Ideal for riders between 5’5″ and 6’1″, the Cyrusher XF800 is 75.5″ long with a wheelbase  of 47.2″. The seat height can be adjusted between 34.6″ and 41.7″, and the bike weighs in at 74 pounds (66 pounds without the battery). This is a big, heavy bike that isn’t the easiest to manage when it comes to storage and transport, so if you’re looking for something that offers the off-road capabilities of the XF800 in more portable package, we also recommend checking out the Cyrusher XF690 Maxs or the lighter weight XF650.


    Cyrusher XF800 Details

    2-year warranty

    1 of 13

    48V 13Ah lithium-ion battery with LG and Samsung cells

    2 of 13

    Rear cargo rack for hauling gear, panniers, and supplies

    3 of 13

    Puncture-resistant Chaoyang 26″ x 4″ fat tires

    4 of 13

    750W BAFANG rear hub motor (1500W peak, 80Nm of torque)

    5 of 13

    3.7″ LCD display

    6 of 13

    Half-twist throttle

    7 of 13

    180mm/203mm hydraulic disc brakes

    8 of 13

    250 lumen LED headlight

    9 of 13

    Shimano Tourney 7-speed drivetrain

    10 of 13

    6061 aluminum alloy frame

    11 of 13

    Lockout front fork suspension (80mm of travel)

    12 of 13

    Non-adjustable rear spring suspension

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    Performance and Ride

    Overall ride quality on the XF800 is excellent. The combination of fat tires and full suspension deliver a comfortable riding experience that’s super stable, regardless of the terrain. While the stock suspension setup isn’t top-shelf, it’ll meet the needs of most riders and can be easily upgraded by customers who want to take things to the next level.

    The BAFANG rear hub motor is zippy, putting out plenty of torque and acceleration for most situations. The XF800 has an extremely responsive throttle and power delivery is a bit more aggressive in that mode when compared to riding with the bike’s pedal-assist levels.

    Build Quality

    Cyrusher is well-known for making robust e-bikes and the brand’s build quality is good. While not quite on the same level as higher-priced bikes costing two or three times more, the XF800 is an excellent value and the model enjoys a large fan base of happy customers.


    Styling is always subjective, and Cyrusher’s bright colorways aren’t always our favorite. Having said that, we do like the fact that the company provides customers with four different color options (White, Green, Blue, and Red), and the white version looks beautiful in our opinion.

    Fat tire bikes are always head-turners, and the Cyrusher XF800 is no exception. This is a large, aggressive-looking ride that is sure to attract a lot of attention, so keep that in mind if you live in an urban environment where bike theft is a real concern.

    Included Accessories & Optional Add-ons

    Cyrusher includes a nice bundle of accessories with the XF800. In the box, you’ll find a battery charger, air pump, e-bike toolkit, assembly guide, user manuals, and Cyrusher sticker pack. In addition to the bundled accessories, the company also sells a nice range of add-on accessories that you can order to upgrade your ride. Included in Cyrusher’s accessory store are pannier bags, replacement kickstands, helmets, tubes, tires, and more.

    Warranty & Customer Support

    Cyrusher has earned an excellent reputation for its customer service, and the company is responsive to rider issues. In addition to a variety of contact options including phone, live chat, and its website contact form, Cyrusher also maintains an active online community that is an excellent resource for all owners.

    Also, whenever we’re rating electric bikes, we always test the responsiveness of each brand’s customer support department. We’re happy to report that someone over at Cyrusher quickly responded to our support ticket, sending us a reply in just a few hours…

    Cyrusher Customer Support Test

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    How to Assemble the Cyrusher XF800 (VIDEO)

    Price, Where to Buy it, & Coupon Code

    At the time of our review, the Cyrusher XF800 has an MSRP of $2,199. The bike is currently on sale for $1,999 and you can save an additional $50 by entering the coupon code AF50 while checking out. If you’re planning to buy more than one Cyrusher e-bike, you can use the promo code KU100 for an instant $100 discount on your order. To take advantage of these limited-time promotions, just click here, add the bike(s) to your shopping cart, and then enter the appropriate coupon code while checking out. The discount will be instantly applied to your order.


    Cyrusher's XF800 is manufactured in China.

    The Cyrusher XF800's top speed is approximately 30 miles per hour.

    Other than its higher-priced MSRP, Cyrusher's XF900 is designed with a moto-inspired front suspension fork, a bigger battery for riding longer distances, and offers more power delivery in pedal-assist mode. The XF800 is a little easier to maneuver and provides the rider with a more responsive throttle mode. Additionally, the riding position of the XF800 is a bit more aggressive than the XF900 (which is more upright).

    Pros and Cons

    • Head-turning design and four color options
    • Excellent build quality and solid overall value
    • Powerful 750W BAFANG rear hub motor
    • Higher capacity battery delivers good range
    • Full suspension and 26" x 4" Chaoyang fat tires deliver a comfy, stable ride
    • Versatile and performs well in snow, mud, sand, gravel, and more
    • Useful rear rack gives you the ability to load the bike up with pannier bags, camping gear, and more
    • Plenty of power for hill climbing and all-terrain riding
    • Generous 2-year warranty
    • 14-day return policy
    • Free shipping to lower 48
    • Excellent customer service

    Final Thoughts

    The Cyrusher XF800 is the company’s best-selling e-bike model for good reason — this is an outstanding fat tire mountain bike that ticks all of the boxes when it comes to performance, components, and affordability. A versatile ride that’s as much fun off-road as it is on, the peppy XF800 delivers an enjoyable riding experience, serving up an impressive package of speed, power, and range.

    In addition to being impressed with the bike itself, we also give high marks to Cyrusher for its highly-rated customer support and generous 2-year warranty. This is a brand that seems to understand the importance of customer service much better than other consumer-direct e-bike companies, and you can see the evidence of that with Cyrusher’s loyal following of passionate fans.

    At the end of the day, if you’re looking for a powerful off-road ride that’s built to be pushed hard and won’t break the bank, the XF800 is a model that should be on your shortlist.

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