Electric Skateboard Reviews: The Best Electric Skateboards (2023)

Electric Skateboard Reviews

Electric skateboards are freaking amazing — you can zip around town without breaking a sweat and they’re environmentally friendly to boot. They’re so much fun to ride, but you need to do your research before buying one to make sure you get the perfect eboard for your needs.

At Recharged Rides, we’re pumped to bring you detailed, no-holds-barred reviews of today’s best electric skateboards! We’re so excited that we get to rate so many different boards — this puts us in a unique position since we have extensive knowledge of many different brands. Get the skinny on each and every board we’ve reviewed — we’re happy to share that info with you at no cost and you can trust us to help you find a board that’s ideal for your interests and budget.

We rate a variety of different models — whether you’re looking for a high-end model or something more affordable from one of the budget brands, we’ve got you covered. We also review motorized skateboards in different categories, including the following:

  • Electric longboards
  • Minis and shortboards
  • 2 in 1 models
  • Onewheels
  • All-terrain electric skateboards
  • Street models

When it comes to reviewing electric skateboards, we take a lot of things into account. Here’s just a small sample of all the things we take into consideration…


Is the particular electric skateboard model a solid value at MSRP? Are there any discounts, promotions, or active coupon codes that you can use to get a better deal on it?


We give you the low down on things like deck concave, lighting, optional add-ons, and more.

Battery Life

What kind of battery pack does the board have? How long does it last, how fast does it charge, does it offer water resistance, and what kind of riding time does it provide?

Build Quality

Is the skateboard durable and well-made, or does it feel flimsy and cheap? Riders regularly get hurt on poor-quality eboards, so this is important.

Range and Max Speed

How far can the board cruise on a single charge? How fast can the board go?


Does the board feature friction braking, dynamic braking, or regenerative braking? Is the braking system effective? What about overall safety and ease of use? Do they provide ample stopping power?

Wireless Remote Control

How functional is the board’s remote? Are there connectivity issues? How easy is it to pair with the board after unboxing? What riding modes does it offer?


Is the deck of the electric skateboard well-constructed? What material is it made out of (bamboo, maple, carbon fiber, etc.)? Does it feel sturdy without being overly heavy? Is it comfortable to stand on? How much does it flex and how responsive is it? What’s the maximum weight capacity it will allow? How good is the grip tape?

Motor Power and Torque

Does the board have a hub motor or is it powered by a direct drive, gear drive, or belt drive motor? How smooth is the acceleration? How powerful is the electric motor and how well does it handle hill climbing?

Wheels, Tires, and Trucks

What kind of wheels, tires, and trucks does the board have? Are there additional wheel options offered? How long will they hold up for? How much traction do the wheels and tires offer?

Warranty & Customer Support

How friendly and responsive is the company’s customer service department? What methods of contact do they offer and how quickly do they respond? How long is the manufacturer warranty good for and what does it cover?

Fun Factor

Finally, because everyone wants to find a board that they’ll love riding, our testing team will let you know how a board stacks up in terms of overall riding enjoyment. While this is somewhat subjective, we’re convinced that if we enjoyed riding something, you will too.

Our Electric Skateboard Reviews

Meepo Hurricane

Meepo Hurricane

The Meepo Hurricane is a top-notch all-terrain electric skateboard that offers impressive specs, build quality, and performance at a price that won't break the bank...

Onlyone O-2

Onlyone O-2

The best-selling Onlyone O-2 is a dual-belt drive longboard crafted from an 8-layer maple deck. The O-2 has a cruising range of up to 18 miles and a top speed of 25mph...

Vestar Black Hawk 2.0

Vestar Black Hawk 2.0

Powered by a powerful battery and a beast of a motor, Vestar's Black Hawk 2.0 is capable of cruising at speeds of up to 27mph and the board has a max range of 35 miles...

Evolve Hadean Carbon 2 in 1

Evolve Hadean Carbon 2 in 1

This top-shelf 2-in-1 packs a ton of versatility and premium features, making it one of the best boards around for riders who want it all...

Electric Skateboard Brands Compared

Hunter Boards Lisbon, Portugal 1 24-month Click Here
Maxfind Shenzhen, China 7 270-day Click Here
B-ONE Shenzhen, China 4 6-month Click Here
Vestar Shenzhen, China 11 6-month Click Here
Wowgo Shenzhen, China 4 180 to 365-day Click Here
Meepo Wan Chai, Hong Kong 5 6-month Click Here
Teamgee Shenzhen, China 5 3-month Click Here
Outdoor Master Hong Kong 2 1-year Click Here
Skatebolt El Monte, CA 5 6-month Click Here
Possway Shenzhen, China 5 180-day Click Here
Halo Board Los Angeles, CA 1 6-month Click Here
Eovan Shenzhen, China 4 3-month/6-month Click Here
Raldey Jiangsu, China 6 180-day Click Here
Onlyone Bolton, England 7 3-month Click Here
Evolve Carlsbad, CA 13 12-month
Summerboard Huntington Beach, CA 2 2-year
Backfire Glen Allen, VA 8 6-month
OneWheel Santa Cruz, CA 3 1-year
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