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QuietKat Review

Founded in 2012 by brothers Jake and Justin Roach, QuietKat is a brand that focuses on electric fat-tire bikes for the outdoors enthusiast. With a variety of models and rugged builds, this well-known Colorado brand is a household name in the electric bike world...


CARBO Review

A Canadian brand that produces high-end folding electric bikes, CARBO's rides come loaded with lightweight carbon fiber frames, BAFANG motors, carbon belt drives, and removable Samsung batteries. CARBO's e-bikes include a generous 2-year warranty and VIP-style customer service...



Launched in 2021, KAKUKA is an interesting electric bike startup that's becoming well-known for its stylish and surprisingly affordable e-bikes. Featuring good build quality, reasonable direct-to-consumer pricing, and feature-rich designs, KAKUKA is a brand to watch...


Bikonit E-Bikes Review

Headquartered in Ontario, CA and founded in 2018, Bikonit is a brand that is well-known for its high-performance electric hunting bikes. Packing powerful motors, dual-battery designs, and top-shelf components, Bikonit is a go-to brand among today's top sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts...

Rambo Bikes

Rambo Bikes Review

A brand that's well-known for its all-terrain hunting e-bikes, Rambo was founded by Nathan Stieren in 2014 and is headquartered in Centerville, Iowa. With 16 fat tire models in its 2022 lineup and a wide range of accessories, Rambo has plenty to offer the avid outdoorsman...


Cowboy Bikes Review

An innovative e-bike startup that's making some of today's best electric commuter bikes, Belgium-based Cowboy is making waves in the industry with its sleek, modern designs, high-end build quality and componentry, and VIP customer service experience...


Eovan Review

Founded in 2016 by Peter Chen, Eovan is a well-known maker of affordable, high-powered electric skateboards. With 4 on an off-road models in its 2022 lineup plus a range of replacement parts and accessories, Eovan offers something for riders of all types...


Bakcou Review

If you’re looking for an electric bike that’s built with rugged durability in mind, then Ogden, UT-based Bakcou is a brand that should be on your radar. Founded by Bryan Child and Dave Andre, Bakcou is a company that caters to serious sportsmen who need highly-capable, reliable e-bikes...



With three fat tire e-bikes in its 2022 lineup, VTUVIA is a brand that maintains a strong focus on affordability, reliability, and all-terrain performance. VTUVIA's electric bikes come well-equipped and are backed by an outstanding 2-year warranty...

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