Bakcou E-Bikes Review (2023)

A friendly, Utah-based brand known for its high-end electric hunting bikes, Bakcou is a go-to source for serious sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts who demand rugged, ultra-reliable e-bikes...

Bakcou Electric Bikes



If you enjoy hunting are are looking for an electric bike that’s built with rugged durability in mind, then Ogden, UT-based Bakcou is a brand that should be on your radar. Founded in 2016 by Bryan Child and Dave Andre, Bakcou is a company that caters to serious sportsmen who need highly-capable e-bikes for backwoods adventures. Bakcou electric hunting bikes are built from the ground up to tackle rough terrain and the most demanding of conditions, and the company has a well-deserved reputation for producing some of today’s best electric bikes for outdoorsmen.

Bakcou’s popular hunting e-bikes feature top-of-the-line components and outstanding build quality. The brand’s 2023 range includes 9 impressive models, most of which are available in a variety of colors and battery configurations.

Fitted with powerful 750W and 1000W motors, MAXXIS Minion tires, durable aluminum alloy frames with integrated rear racks, and extended-range batteries, Bakcou’s models are some of the best hunting e-bikes on the market and are perfect for off-road riding. Capable of going deep into the backcountry, Bakcou hunting e-bikes get you in and out of the woods without breaking a sweat, and unlike ATVs and side-by-sides, they leave no scent behind.

In addition to their lineup of high-end electric bikes, Bakcou also sells a wide variety of apparel and accessories, including racks, trailers, tools, bags, and more. The company’s customer service is equally impressive, offering great support at every level of the purchase process.

Each Bakcou bike comes with a 1-year warranty which provides coverage in the event of a manufacturing defect. Additionally, the company throws in a 30-day return policy, although it charges a 15% restocking fee plus return shipping costs.

In this Bakcou review, we’ll take a look at the brand’s 2023 line of electric hunting bikes, compare specs, discuss how the company’s customer support stacks up, and more.


FOUNDERS Bryan Child & Dave Andre
PRODUCTS Electric hunting bikes
GUARANTEE 30-day money-back
PRICING Click here to check prices
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    Bakcou Electric Bikes Comparison Chart

    Carbon Alpha 49 lbs 500W BAFANG M600 14Ah 60 miles Click Here
    Storm Jäger 72 lbs BAFANG 750W/1,000W 17.5Ah, 19.2Ah, 21Ah, or 25Ah 80 miles Click Here
    Scout 72 lbs BAFANG 750W/1,000W 17.5Ah 40 miles Click Here
    Storm 72 lbs BAFANG 750W/1,000W 17.5Ah, 19.2Ah, 21Ah, or 25Ah 50 miles Click Here
    Mule 68 lbs BAFANG 750W/1,000W 17.4Ah, 19.2Ah, 21Ah, or 25Ah 40 miles Click Here
    Flatlander 63 lbs BAFANG 750W 17.4Ah, 19.2Ah, or 21Ah 40 miles Click Here
    Mule Step-Through 26" 68 lbs BAFANG 750W/1,000W 17.5Ah, 19.2Ah, or 21Ah 40 miles Click Here
    Mule Step-Through 24" 68 lbs BAFANG 750W/1,000W 17.5Ah, 19.2Ah, or 21Ah 40 miles Click Here
    Flatlander Step-Through 24" 63 lbs BAFANG 750W 17.5Ah, 19.2Ah, or 21Ah 40 miles Click Here

    Bakcou Electric Bike Reviews

    Bakcou Carbon Alpha

    Carbon Alpha

    The Bakcou Carbon Alpha is a top-of-the-line, ultralight electric bike that's powered by a powerful BAFANG M600 mid-drive motor. Constructed from a lightweight carbon fiber frame with RockShox suspension, the Carbon Alpha makes a great choice for outdoorsmen in search of the best...


    Bakcou Storm Jäger

    Storm Jäger

    Bakcou's Storm Jäger is a feature-rich, all-terrain e-bike that's capable of handling rugged terrain with ease. This bike features full suspension and fat tires for excellent off-road performance, and the model is available in four different battery configurations and two frame sizes...


    Bakcou Scout


    Packing full suspension, rugged fat tires, and a BAFANG ULTRA mid-drive motor with an integrated torque sensor, the Bakcou Scout is a versatile ride that'll take you anywhere you need to go. Available in both 17" and 19" frame sizes, the Scout is a high-performance ride that's built-to-last...


    Bakcou Storm


    Featuring a smart motor that combines torque cadence, speed, shift, and brake sensors, the Storm is designed to conquer the most challenging of terrain. The Bakcou Storm is a best-seller and the bike's fat tires and front/rear suspension deliver a super comfortable ride...

    Price | Review

    Bakcou Mule


    The Bakcou Mule is a powerful, feature-packed electric bike that's available in four different battery configurations. Powered by a BAFANG G620 motor that produces a maximum power output of 1,500W, the Mule also comes equipped with a hydraulic Tektro brake system...

    Price | Review

    Bakcou Flatlander


    The Bakcou Flatlander is an electric bike that was designed with affordability and flat ground performance in mind. Featuring a high-end air suspension system, Maxxis fat tires, and a BAFANG 750W rear hub motor, the Flatlander is capable of handling rough terrain with ease...

    Price | Review

    Bakcou Mule Step-Through 26"

    Mule Step-Through 26"

    Designed for smaller riders and those with limited mobility, the Bakcou Mule ST 26" features a step-through frame that's extremely easy to get on and off of. This is an extremely popular model that packs a powerful BAFANG mid-drive motor, torque sensor, and Tektro quad-piston hydraulic brakes...


    Bakcou Mule ST 24"

    Mule Step-Through 24"

    With its step-through frame, the Bakcou Mule ST 24" is a great option for shorter riders and those who prefer more accessible bikes. Available in three different battery configurations and six different color options, the Mule Step-Through 24" delivers top-shelf performance...


    Bakcou Flatlander Step-Through 24"

    Flatlander Step-Through 24"

    Bakcou's Flatlander ST 24" is another great choice for smaller riders and those with reduced mobility. Packing the same features as the regular Flatlander but featuring an easy-access step-through design, the Flatlander ST 24" is a great all-arounder...


    Bakcou Coupon Code and Promos

    For a limited time, you can get 5% off any Bakcou e-bike with the coupon code RECHARGEDRIDES. To take advantage of this sale, just click here, add the bike and desired accessories to your cart, then enter the coupon code when checking out. The discount will be instantly applied to your order.

    Location of Bakcou Headquarters

    Warranty & Customer Service

    Bakcou stands behind all of its electric hunting bikes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. The company also offers a 30-day return policy, although, like many other electric bike manufacturers, Bakcou charges a 15% restocking fee and return shipping costs.

    As far as customer service goes, the company can be reached via a toll-free phone number and a contact form on the brand’s website. Additionally, whenever we’re rating an e-bike, we always test the responsiveness of the brand’s customer support department. Bakcou was among the best we’ve reviewed, taking just over an hour to respond to our inquiry…

    Bakcou Customer Service Rating

    Optional Accessories and Add-ons

    When it comes to customizing your ride, Bakcou customers have a lot to choose from. The company sells a huge range of replacement parts and bike accessories, including fat tire trailers, batteries and chargers, bags, clothing, and more.

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    Bakcou's electric bikes are manufactured in Taiwan.

    Bakcou's electric bikes come with an IP65 rating, which means that they are certified to protect against dust and jets of water.

    The answer to this question depends on the bike model and battery options, but Bakcou's current electric bike lineup has a max range of 40 to 80 miles per charge.

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