Cowboy Electric Bikes Review (2023): Stylish Commuter E-Bikes

A startup that is revolutionizing the electric bike industry, Cowboy's lineup of sleek commuter e-bikes features modern designs, innovative technology, beautiful attention to detail, and impressive craftsmanship...

Cowboy Electric Bicycles



Based in Brussels, Belgium, Cowboy was founded in 2017 by Karim Slaoui and Adrien Roose and is one of today’s most exciting e-bike startups. Cowboy’s 2023 range consists of 3 stunningly-beautiful urban commuters that merge top-notch design with next-level tech.

Featuring ultra-clean, modern aesthetics, this stylish European e-bike brand is on the cutting edge of electric bicycle design. Built from the ground up with top-shelf materials and componentry, Cowboy’s high-quality urban commuters are perfect for riders who are searching for a head-turning ride that’s practical, reliable, and uniquely designed.

Cowboy’s single-speed electric bicycles come equipped with sleek aluminum mudguards, hydraulic disc brakes, low-maintenance Gates carbon belt drives, front and rear lights, and built-in wireless smartphone charging. Cowboy’s included app is also outstanding and includes an easy-to-use Ride Dashboard with useful features like:

  • Real-time air quality mapping
  • Crash detection that alerts your emergency contacts
  • Automatic firmware updates
  • Anti-theft and Find My Bike tracking
  • Ride history and statistics
  • GPS with turn-by-turn navigation
  • Auto unlock
Cowboy App

In addition to the fact that Cowboy’s bikes are incredibly well-engineered, we’re also extremely impressed with the brand’s commitment to its customers. All Cowboy electric bikes include a generous 2-year warranty and the company throws in a 14-day money-back guarantee for added peace of mind. Also, unlike many other electric bicycle brands that charge hefty restocking fees when returns are made, Cowboy even picks up the tab for return shipping costs.

In this review of the 2023 Cowboy’s e-bike range, we’ll take a look at each of the company’s models, the brand’s customer service rating, and more.


FOUNDERS Karim Slaoui & Adrien Roose
HEADQUARTERS Brussels, Belgium
PRODUCTS Electric bikes
GUARANTEE 14-day free returns
PRICING Click here to check prices
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    Cowboy Electric Bikes Comparison Chart

    Cowboy 4 42 lbs 16 mph 44 miles Click Here
    Cowboy 4 ST 42 lbs 16 mph 44 miles Click Here
    Cowboy 3 40 lbs 16 mph 44 miles Click Here

    Cowboy Electric Bike Reviews

    Cowboy 4

    Cowboy 4

    Cowboy's top-of-the-line electric bike, the Cowboy C4, is a beautifully crafted masterpiece that features an integrated removable battery and lighting, a rear cargo rack, and a 250W rear hub motor that puts out 45Nm of torque. Available in 3 eye-catching colors, the Cowboy 4 is a ride that's guaranteed to turn heads everywhere you go...

    Price | Cowboy 4 Review

    Cowboy 4 ST

    Cowboy 4 ST

    A step-through frame version of the Cowboy 4, the ST is ideal for riders with limited mobility who need a ride that's easy to mount and dismount. Built with comfort in mind, the Cowboy C4 ST is perfect for older riders and features the same impressive package of details and performance as the company's flagship model...

    Price | Cowboy 4 ST Review

    Cowboy 3

    Cowboy 3

    Cowboy's third-generation bike, the Cowboy C3 is an easy-to-maneuver ride that's lightweight and responsive. Weighing in at only 40 pounds, the Cowboy 3 e-bike comes loaded with a Gates CDN carbon belt, high-quality 6061 aluminum frame and fork, Tektro hydraulic brakes, 42mm puncture-resistant tires, and a 250W rear wheel hub motor...

    Price | Cowboy 3 Review

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    Location of Cowboy Headquarters

    Warranty & Customer Service

    Cowboy is an e-bike startup that understands the importance of customer satisfaction, and the company stands behind every bike they make with a 2-year warranty and 14-day money-back guarantee. While many other consumer-direct brands do accept returns for a short time following a purchase, Cowboy is one of the few that does not charge a restocking fee. In fact, Cowboy will even pick up the return shipping costs in the event that a customer isn’t satisfied with their order — something that’s practically unheard of in this industry.

    Also available to customers is the subscription-based Cowboy Care program which provides all-inclusive, onsite maintenance by a Cowboy-trained technician. The plan includes coverage for everything from replacement parts to flat tires, and appointments can be conveniently booked through the company’s Cowboy app.

    Cowboy’s customer service can be reached via telephone, live chat, and a website contact form. Whenever we are reviewing an e-bike, we always test the brand’s customer support to see how quickly they respond to inquiries. Marta over at Cowboy sent us a friendly reply to our submitted questions about a day and a half later…

    Cowboy Customer Service Rating

    Optional Accessories and Add-ons

    Like most brands, Cowboy’s website also sells a full range of replacement parts and accessories that are compatible with its electric bikes. You’ll find a large assortment of racks, kickstands, batteries, locks, panniers, tires, helmets, and more at Cowboy’s online store.

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    At the moment, Cowboy Care is only available in Europe in a select number of cities.

    Yes, Cowboy states that their e-bikes are completely waterproof.

    Cowboy sources the componentry from several countries, including Belgium, Germany, China, and Canada. The bikes are then assembled in Hungary before being shipped to the brand's headquarters in Belgium.

    At the time of our review, Cowboy's electric bikes range in price from €2,290 to €2,790.

    VanMoof and Cowboy are both excellent brands. These bike companies make some of the best electric commuters on the market today, and you honestly can't go wrong with either one. Having said that, we currently recommend Cowboy bikes over VanMoof because they deliver smoother performance, a slightly higher build quality, and a removable battery.

    The Cowboy Quad Lock phone case works together with the mount on the handlebars of your Cowboy e-bike, providing you with a secure dock that can wirelessly charge your phone.

    The Cowboy 3 comes with a custom, Cowboy-designed saddle. The Cowboy 4 and 4 ST are both fitted with Selle Royal saddles (the Essenza Athletic on the C4, and the Essenza Moderate on the C4 ST).

    The Cowboy 4 and 4 ST are very different bikes. The C4 is sportier, with a more aggressive frame geometry than the upright ride position offered by the C4 ST. Of course, the Cowboy 4 ST also features a step-through frame for easier mounting and dismounting, making it an excellent choice for seniors and riders with limited mobility. The handlebars also differ — the C4 sports a flat, 54cm-wide handlebar, while the C4 ST is equipped with curved, 57cm-wide handlebars. Lastly, the C4 ST is slightly heavier than the C4, weighing in at 19.2 kg vs. the C4's 18.9 kg.

    You can recharge the battery on a Cowboy e-bike in three and a half hours.

    The C4 comes with speed and torque sensors. Pedal assistance automatically adjusts as your pedal pace changes.

    Automatic crash detection works via the app. The bike detects if you crashed or have been involved in an accident, and will check in to see if you need assistance. If no response is received, Cowboy's smartphone app automatically alerts your emergency contacts and notifies them of your live position.

    In the event that your Cowboy bike is ever stolen, the Find My Bike feature will help you locate it, no matter where it's taken. Featuring built-in GPS tracking, you'll know the exact location of your e-bike at all times.

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