Cowboy C4 Review: One Seriously Sleek & Stylish Electric Bike

A beautifully built urban commuter, the Cowboy C4 was designed with top-shelf attention to detail and is one of today's best e-bikes for city commuting...

Cowboy C4 Electric Bike



What is the Cowboy C4?

A sleek urban commuter, the Cowboy C4 is an attractive e-bike that will grab your attention, not only because of its stylish and unique look but because of its top-shelf build quality and components.

A stunning e-bike with a clean, modern look, this stunning city commuter is ideal for errand-running, riding to work or school, or around-town cruising. It’s a beautiful ride that makes a bold statement wherever it’s ridden. 

A lot of attention has been paid to this bike’s aesthetics, but this isn’t just another pretty e-ride. The Cowboy C4 comes loaded with top-quality componentry and is also designed with practicality and performance in mind.

In this full review of Cowboy’s flagship electric bicycle, we’ll take a detailed look at the C4 and check out its specs and features, battery life, pros and cons, and more. We’ll also tell you who this high-end commuter is right for as well as the reasons why we feel it’s one of the top options currently on the market.


CATEGORY Urban commuter
RANGE 44 miles
WEIGHT 42 lbs
GUARANTEE 14-day free return policy
PRICE Click here to see best price
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    Karim Slaoui and Adrien Roose of Cowboy

    About Cowboy

    Cowboy is a Belgian e-bike startup that was founded by Adrien Roose and Karim Slaoui in 2017. The brand's 3 e-bike models and growing collection of accessories are designed to provide the best possible riding experience, and the company has always been well-known for its stylish designs, innovation, and cutting-edge technology.

    The brand stands proudly behind everything it makes, and all Cowboy electric bikes are covered by a generous 2-year warranty and rock-solid 14-day money-back guarantee.



    • High-grade 6061 aluminum alloy frame and fork
    • Gates carbon belt drive
    • Flat 540mm wide handlebars
    • 160mm SunRace hydraulic disc brakes
    • Selle Royal Essenza Athletic saddle
    • 47mm Puncture-resistant custom Cowboy tires
    • Front and rear fenders


    • 250W rear hub motor (45 Nm of torque)
    • Removable 36V 10Ah lithium-ion battery (360Wh)
    • Integrated headlight (200-lumen) and taillight (50-lumen)
    • Crash detection
    • Digital key
    • Auto Unlock
    • Speed and torque sensors
    • Slick power level indicator with 5 LEDs integrated into top tube
    • Wireless phone charger

    Cowboy 4 Review (2023): E-Bike Overview

    One of the most eye-catching bikes you’ll see, the Cowboy 4 features clean, modern lines, head-turning styling, and impeccable attention to detail. Powered by a 250W rear hub motor that puts out 45Nm of torque, the C4 packs plenty of punch for navigating city streets and tackling uphill climbs.

    The C4’s 36V 10Ah lithium-ion battery is integrated neatly into the seat tube of the bike’s lightweight frame for a stealthy appearance that doesn’t scream “e-bike”. The battery offers 44 miles of range on a single charge and it recharges fully in 3.5 hours. 5 LED indicators incorporated into the top tube make it easy to monitor the bike’s battery level, and Cowboy did a wonderful job with cable management, making use of internally routed wiring to add to the bike’s polished look.

    This ride features custom hydraulic disc brakes that deliver excellent stopping power and the low-maintenance Gates carbon belt drive is first-rate.

    The Cowboy 4 is available in three amazing finishes — Black, Sand, and Khaki. Each color is exceptionally well-done and we have a very hard time choosing a favorite.

    The bike features integrated lighting, with a 200-lumen headlight and 50-lumen taillight for improved low-light visibility and nighttime safety. The C4 also allows you to charge your phone wirelessly, and Cowboy’s app is next-level.

    As mentioned, Cowboy is an innovative brand, and the C4 comes standard with advanced features such as crash detection and auto-unlock. There’s also a theft detection system with GPS tracking that’ll help to keep your bike safe.

    Size and Weight

    The Cowboy C4 is a lightweight electric bike, weighing in at only 42 lbs. It has a 309-pound maximum payload capacity and is ideal for riders between 5’6″ and 6’4″. The bike’s total length is 71″ and the seat height can be adjusted from 37″ to 42″.


    2-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee

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    36V 10Ah battery (360Wh)

    2 of 11

    Front and rear fenders

    3 of 11

    Custom 47mm puncture-resistant Cowboy tires

    4 of 11

    250W rear hub motor (45Nm of torque)

    5 of 11

    Wireless phone charging

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    160mm SunRace hydraulic disc brakes

    7 of 11

    200-lumen headlight

    8 of 11

    Integrated taillight for improved safety and low-light visibility

    9 of 11

    Ultra-low maintenance Gates carbon belt drive

    10 of 11

    Beautifully crafted 6061 aluminum alloy frame

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    Performance and Ride

    The single-speed Cowboy C4 is an excellent choice for cruising city streets and commuting to work or school. The powerful motor provides a smooth, comfortable ride and the smart PAS functionality automatically adjusts to match the rider’s pedaling power and speed.

    The 250-watt rear wheel motor provides plenty of power for daily commutes and the 44-mile range is more than enough for most riders. Additional batteries can be purchased for added range, and they’re quick and easy to swap out.

    Lastly, we want to mention that just like the Cowboy 3 model, the C4’s riding position is a bit more aggressive when compared to the C4 ST step-through frame version with its more upright sitting position. 

    Build Quality

    The Cowboy C4 is a high-end, premium bike, and as you’d expect, the build quality is outstanding. Cowboy has great quality control and the fit, finish, and bundled components do not disappoint.


    A smartly designed ride, the C4 has a streamlined, minimalist appearance that will stop passersby in their tracks. This e-bike definitely gives off a premium vibe and great attention has been given to the smallest details.

    We’re also very pleased with the color options offered by Cowboy and are hard-pressed to pick a winner. The matte finishes are simply beautiful and they contribute to the C4’s smart appearance.

    Included Accessories & Optional Add-ons

    In the box, Cowboy includes an assembly toolkit, reflectors, and two keys for locking the battery into place. While a kickstand and rear rack are not included (a bit disappointing), they can be purchased separately from Cowboy’s online store. 

    Cowboy App

    Cowboy App

    Cowboy’s companion app is extremely well-done, providing riders with an intuitive cockpit that’s loaded with useful functionality and data. This easy-to-use smartphone app downloads firmware updates automatically and includes features like:

    • Anti-theft (with Find My Bike locator and theft alerts)
    • Crash detection feature that instantly notifies your emergency contacts
    • Ride dashboard with GPS tracking and turn-by-turn navigation
    • Digital key with remote lock and unlock
    • Ride statistics and history
    • Real-time air quality mapping
    • Available for iOS and Android in English, German, French, and Dutch

    Warranty & Customer Support

    Cowboy is a brand that takes customer service seriously, and the company stands behind its e-bikes with a generous 2-year warranty. For added peace of mind, Cowboy also throws in a 14-day money-back guarantee to ensure the thorough satisfaction of its customers.

    There are several ways to contact the company, including phone, live chat, and a website contact form. We’ve found Cowboy’s customer support to be very friendly and helpful, with quick response times to questions and a genuine willingness to assist customers.

    An important factor that we take into consideration whenever we’re reviewing an e-bike is the responsiveness of each brand’s customer service department, and Marta from Cowboy sent us a nice reply to our submitted inquiry about a day and a half later…

    Cowboy Customer Service Rating

    Reader Reviews

    One of the most well-designed rides money can buy…

    Rated 5.0 out of 5
    October 13, 2022

    While a lot of bike companies make urban commuter e-bikes, this latest Cowboy model stands out from the pack and is the clear winner in my book. If you’re looking for versatility, the C4 won’t be a great fit as it doesn’t perform well as an all-terrain ride… but if you strictly want to ride the bike on paved surfaces and aren’t bothered at all by the lack of suspension, the Cowboy 4 is quite literally one of the most well-designed rides money can buy.



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    Cowboy C4 Unboxing & Assembly (VIDEO)

    Price, Where to Buy it, & Coupon Code

    At the time of our review, the MSRP of the Cowboy C4 is listed as €2,790 and the estimated delivery time on all orders is 10 days. Also, Cowboy occasionally runs limited-time promotions and whenever they do, we share the details of those special offers here. There are no promo codes currently available for the Cowboy 4.


    Cowboy sources components for their e-bikes from a variety of sources in Germany, Belgium, Canada, and China. Cowboy's electric bikes are then built in Hungary and shipped to the company's headquarters in Belgium.

    No, the Cowboy C4 only offers pedal-assist functionality. There's no throttle-only mode included.

    The Cowboy C4 has a top speed of around 20 mph.

    The Cowboy C4 has an MSRP of €2,790.

    No, the C4 is a single-speed cycle.

    The Cowboy 3 is the brand's third-generation bike, while the C4 is the company's updated fourth-generation ride. The C4 is powered by an upgraded powertrain that Cowboy says delivers 50% more torque than its predecessor. The C4 also features a new app and more than 200 custom components. Nearly all of the componentry on Cowboy's fourth-gen ride are custom-designed, including the pedals, brakes, handlebars, stem, cables, and more. Of course, the fourth-gen model is also now available in a step-through frame version (the Cowboy 4 ST) which makes the bike more appealing to older riders and those who suffer from reduced mobility.

    Pros and Cons

    • Gorgeous aesthetics
    • Three great color options
    • Outstanding cable management
    • Peppy 250W rear hub motor performs well
    • Removable battery
    • Loaded with great technology like crash detection, auto unlock, and anti-theft functionality that helps you locate your bike if it's stolen
    • Great smartphone app and wireless charging
    • Gates carbon belt drive is super dependable and requires little maintenance
    • Included mudguards help to keep the rider clean and dry
    • Nicely integrated headlight/taillight for increased safety
    • Generous 2-year warranty
    • 14-day free returns
    • Great customer support

    Final Thoughts

    If you’re shopping around for a smartly designed, premium electric bicycle, the Cowboy C4 is an incredible option for city dwellers who won’t settle for second best. Offering stiff competition to the popular VanMoof X3, the C4 is a viable contender for today’s best city commuter e-bike.

    The C4 is an elegant, attention-grabbing urban commuter that can handle the daily grind with ease. The trendy, matte finish isn’t overly flashy, and the bike’s clean lines and polished appearance really set it apart from the pack.

    Featuring high-quality components, excellent build quality, and the power and performance expected for a bike of this caliber, the high-tech Cowboy 4 ticks all the boxes when it comes to a contemporary e-bike for city riding and urban use.

    Bottom line: If you’re in the market for a user-friendly city commuter that’s loaded with bells and whistles, the easy-to-ride Cowboy C4 is a smart choice.

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