Cowboy C4 ST Review: A SLICK Step-Through E-Bike for City Commutes

A sleek urban commuter e-bike with a comfortable, upright riding position and stylish, step-through frame design, the Cowboy 4 ST offers next-level build quality, performance, and features...

Cowboy C4 ST Review



What is the Cowboy C4 ST?

A stylish, well-designed e-bike for daily commuting and city cruising, the Cowboy C4 ST features a comfortable, step-through frame, top-notch components, and high-end build quality. Built for comfort, this electric bike is a smart choice for city commuters who are searching for an easy-to-ride bike that can reliably handle around-town jaunts and errand-running with ease.

In this review of Cowboy’s 4 ST, we’ll take a look at this impressive ride’s components and specs, performance, build quality, features, and more. We’ll also list the top reasons why we think this is one of the best step-through commuter e-bikes currently on the market and who it’s ideal for.


CATEGORY step-through, urban commuter
RANGE 44 miles
WEIGHT 42 lbs
GUARANTEE 14-day free returns
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    Karim Slaoui and Adrien Roose of Cowboy

    About Cowboy

    Cowboy is based in Belgium and the company was founded by Adrien Roose and Karim Slaoui in 2017. With the goal of producing top-quality bikes that stand up to the challenges of daily commuting, Cowboy has launched a strong lineup for 2023 consisting of 3 e-bike models and a range of accessories.

    All Cowboy bikes come with a rock-solid 2-year warranty that covers the bike in the event of a manufacturing defect. In addition to this, the brand provides a 14-day money-back guarantee.



    • High-end 6061 aluminum alloy step-through frame
    • Front and rear aluminum fenders
    • 160mm SunRace hydraulic brakes
    • Puncture-resistant 47mm Cowboy tires
    • 57cm wide handlebars
    • Selle Royal Essenza Moderate saddle
    • Quad lock mount for mobile phones


    • 250-watt rear hub motor (45Nm of torque)
    • Removable 36V 10Ah battery (360Wh)
    • 200-lumen front headlight
    • 50-lumen rear taillight
    • Cowboy app
    • Crash detection
    • Anti-theft alerts (with theft insurance plan)
    • Find My Bike
    • Auto Unlock
    • Air quality mapping
    • Speed and torque sensor
    • Wireless charging
    • Battery level indicator with 5 LEDs

    Cowboy 4 ST Review: E-Bike Overview

    A step-through alternative to the popular Cowboy C4, Cowboy’s 4 ST offers riders a more relaxed riding position and easier mounting and dismounting. Perfect for seniors, shorter riders, and those who suffer from reduced mobility, the Cowboy C4 ST’s frame design and upright riding position provide increased comfort and deliver an enjoyable riding experience.

    Designed for riding around town and commuting to and from work, the C4 ST was built to handle the rigors of street life. A bike that’s as good-looking as it is fun, the C4 ST packs 250W of power and comes with a 36V 10Ah battery that is neatly hidden inside of the bike’s seat tube. Like the Cowboy C3 and C4, this step-through beauty delivers a 16mph top speed and a max range of up to 44 miles on a single charge.

    A single-speed electric bicycle, the C4 ST ships with a Gates carbon belt drive that is reliable, low-maintenance, and doesn’t require the lubricants necessary for traditional drivetrains. The speed and torque sensors deliver smooth, predictable power when riding in pedal-assist mode, but unlike many other e-bikes, the C4 ST lacks a throttle-only mode.

    Cable management is nicely handled on this ride, thanks to the internally routed cables, and stopping power is impressive due to the 160mm SunRace hydraulic brakes.

    The Cowboy 4 ST also ships with front and rear mudguards which are crafted from aluminum and finished with matte black paint. There are also front and rear lights for low-light visibility and nighttime safety.

    Last but not least, Cowboy’s smartphone app is top-shelf and includes features such as auto unlock, crash detection, anti-theft alerts, and more. The C4 ST also includes a secure, quad lock smartphone mount and you can wirelessly charge your phone, which is a nice touch.

    Size and Weight

    This Cowboy bike is well-optimized for riders between 5’5″ and 6’3″ and the C4 ST weighs in at a lightweight 42 pounds. It measures 70.63″ long and is capable of supporting a maximum payload of 309 pounds.


    Cowboy 4 ST Details

    2-year warranty and 14-day free return policy

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    36V 10Ah lithium-ion battery

    2 of 9

    High-quality painted aluminum mudguards

    3 of 9

    47mm Cowboy tires

    4 of 9

    250W rear hub motor (45Nm of torque)

    5 of 9

    Hydraulic disc brakes

    6 of 9

    200-lumen headlight

    7 of 9

    50-lumen taillight

    8 of 9

    High-grade 6061 aluminum alloy step-through frame

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    Performance and Ride

    Like Cowboy’s other electric bicycles, the C4 ST delivers a smooth and comfortable riding experience on bike paths and city streets. The powerful motor and pedal-assist system (PAS) intelligently deliver power to suit the rider’s pedaling speed and force, and this e-bike is great for riders of all experience levels (including beginners).

    As mentioned, the frame geometry offers a comfy, upright riding position, and the wider 57mm handlebars help to reduce shoulder tension and neck pain while increasing stability and control.

    Build Quality

    Cowboy’s e-bikes are well-built and come with high-quality componentry. Unlike many other top electric bicycle brands that manufacture their rides in Asia, Cowboy’s e-bikes are built in Hungary before being shipped to the company’s headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. Cowboy’s maintains a consistently high level of quality control and its bikes arrive well-packed.


    The C4 ST is an eye-catching ride with a premium vibe. Featuring modern styling, attractive matte finish options, and a handsome frame, this e-bike is a looker that turns heads everywhere it’s ridden. We also really love the fit and finish on this bike, and Cowboy’s attention to detail is exceptional.

    Included Accessories & Optional Add-ons

    While the C4 ST is a minimalist-inspired ride that lacks a lot of extras like a kickstand and rear rack, it does come with front and rear mudguards, reflectors, keys for locking down the battery, and an assembly toolkit. Additionally, Cowboy sells a growing range of high-quality accessories that can be purchased if you’re interested in customizing your ride.

    Warranty & Customer Support

    Cowboy has a well-rounded warranty policy. The C4 ST comes with a 2-year warranty that protects customers against manufacturing defects, which is considerably more generous than the typical 1-year warranty often included with electric bikes. In addition, Cowboy also throws in a 14-day money-back, free return policy to ensure its customers are completely satisfied with their purchase.

    Cowboy is one of the easier e-bike brands to get in touch with, and the company offers several contact options, including live chat, a website contact form, and telephone support. In terms of responsiveness, you can expect helpful, same-day replies from the brand’s friendly customer service department…

    Cowboy Customer Service Rating

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    Cowboy 4 ST Unboxing & Assembly (VIDEO)

    Price, Where to Buy it, & Coupon Code

    At the time of our review, the Cowboy 4 ST is priced at €2,790 and can be configured with a pre-fitted kickstand and rear cargo rack for an extra €99. Currently, the bike is in stock, and orders are expected to deliver in 10 business days.


    While the Cowboy 4ST and C4 have a lot in common, they're very different electric bicycles and it's important to understand their differences. With its step-through frame and more relaxed riding posture, the C4 ST is geared towards older individuals and those who have mobility issues. The sporty C4, on the other hand, features a traditional top tube and a more aggressive riding position.

    Cowboy's electric bicycles are built in Hungary and components are sourced from Belgium, Canada, Germany, and China.

    Cowboy's 4 ST and the VanMoof A5 are both extremely well-designed step-through urban commuters. Both bikes feature high-quality componentry, modern styling, and are designed to be high-performance, low-maintenance urban rides. While the C4 ST and A5 do share a lot in common, we recommend Cowboy's 4 ST due to its removable battery, smoother performance, and slightly better build quality.

    Cowboy says that the Thule Yepp Nexxt Maxi is compatible with the C3, C4, and C4 ST. Thule's Yepp Nexxt Mini is not compatible with the latest Cowboy 4 and 4 ST models, but it will work with the third-generation Cowboy 3. As far as child car seats go, Cowboy's top recommendation is the Hamax Caress Child Seat which it sells through its online store (simply add it to your order when purchasing a bike).

    Pros and Cons

    • Head-turning, modern design
    • Three attractive matte finish options
    • Peppy 250W rear wheel hub motor
    • Removable battery is neatly integrated into the bike's seat tube
    • Low-maintenance Gates carbon belt drive
    • Hydraulic disc brakes provide excellent braking power in wet and dry conditions
    • Front and rear lights provide increased safety
    • Built-in quad lock phone mount and wireless charging
    • Cowboy's app is extremely nice
    • Included front and rear fenders do a good job of keeping the rider clean and dry in sloppy conditions
    • A super easy bike to ride (no gears or pedal assistance levels to mess with)
    • Comfy Selle Royal saddle
    • Generous 2-year warranty
    • 14-day return policy
    • Amazing customer service experience

    Final Thoughts on This Electric Bike

    Cowboy is a brand that prides itself on producing high-quality bikes that not only perform well but look great too. The C4 ST is a prime example of this, with its clean lines and perfectly polished appearance.

    This e-bike oozes style and is a pleasure to ride, offering riders a comfortable, upright seating position, plenty of punch for cruising city streets or tackling uphill climbs, uber-smooth power delivery, and enough range to get you where you need to go. This is a smartly designed ride that’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face, and the 2-year warranty and 14-day free return policy speak volumes about Cowboy’s commitment to its customers.

    Overall, the C4 ST is an excellent step-through electric commuter that’s easy to ride and very beginner friendly. Whether you’re looking for a reliable daily commuter or a stylish errand-runner, this is an extremely fun ride that should be on your radar.

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