Vestar Electric Skateboards Review (2022)

Known for its versatile lineup of electric skateboards, Vestar is a growing brand that's popular with riders in search of powerful, high-performance boards at affordable price points...

Vestar Electric Skateboards



Founded in 2018 by cousins Frank and Paul Wong, Vestar is a Shenzhen, China-based company that produces a wide range of electric skateboards. With 11 models in their current lineup, Vestar has something for everyone, whether you’re looking to ride on the streets or hit the trails.

All Vestar boards are covered by a 6-month warranty and the brand’s line is affordably priced, making Vestar’s boards a great option for budget-conscious riders.

In this review of the Vestar brand, we’ll take a look at each of the electric skateboard models in their 2022 lineup, compare specs, discuss current promotions, and more.


FOUNDERS Frank and Paul Wong
HEADQUARTERS Shenzhen, China
PRODUCTS Electric skateboards
WARRANTY 6-month
PRICING Click here to check prices
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    Vestar Electric Skateboards Comparison Chart

    Black Hawk 2.0 26 lbs 27 mph 35 miles Click Here
    V3 Bamboo 4WD 26 lbs 35 mph 40 miles Click Here
    Night Fury 18 lbs 30 mph 40 miles Click Here
    City SUV 22 lbs 27 mph 20 miles Click Here
    V3 Bamboo 18 lbs 35 mph 20 miles Click Here
    V3 Cruise 18 lbs 30 mph 23 miles Click Here
    Mini 2 13 lbs 30 mph 17 miles Click Here
    Mini Cruise 2 13 lbs 27 mph 18 miles Click Here
    V2 Pro Classic 16 lbs 30 mph 17 miles Click Here
    V2 Pro 15 lbs 27 mph 22 miles Click Here
    Mini 13 lbs 27 mph 17 miles Click Here

    Vestar Electric Skateboard Reviews

    Vestar Black Hawk 2.0

    Black Hawk 2.0

    The Vestar Black Hawk 2.0 is the top-of-the-line model from Vestar. Capable of cruising at 27 mph, this board has a 35-mile range and is powered by twin 6368 belt motors and a high-quality Samsung battery. Designed for all-terrain riding, its bamboo-maple flex deck provides excellent response...


    V3 Bamboo 4WD

    The Vestar V3 Bamboo 4WD is a powerful electric skateboard that's capable of cruising up to 35 mph and handling steep hills with ease. Its four-wheel-drive system provides great performance, and a 40-mile max range means you can keep cruising for miles...


    Vestar Night Fury

    Night Fury

    Vestar's Night Fury is capable of delivering a top speed of 30 mph and 40-mile range thanks to the company's high-performance lithium-ion battery. Weighing in at only 18 pounds, the Night Fury features a bamboo fiberglass deck and is available in hub drive and belt drive versions...


    Vestar City SUV

    City SUV

    The all-terrain Vestar City SUV is a versatile electric skateboard that's available in both 7.5Ah and 9.0Ah versions. The City SUV has an all-terrain design and is an excellent choice for off-road adventures, fully capable of tackling a variety of surfaces, including pavement, dirt, and grass...


    V3 Bamboo

    The Vestar V3 Bamboo is a fun commuting board that's affordable and capable of hitting a top speed of 35 mph. This model is powered by dual 5065 motors and features a high-quality bamboo deck that provides a good bump absorption and an overall responsive ride...


    Vestar V3 Cruise

    V3 Cruise

    The Vestar V3 Cruise is a great option for riders who are in search of a dependable electric skateboard that's both fun and easy to ride. This board features a powerful dual-motor setup that produces a top speed of 30 mph and a max range of 23 miles...


    Mini 2

    Vestar's super lightweight, ultra-portable electric skateboard model, the Mini 2 is a great option for riders who want to cruise on a budget. With a max range of 17 miles and a top speed of 27 mph, this compact model weighs only 13 pounds and is available in several different configurations...


    Mini Cruise 2

    Vestar's Mini Cruise 2 is a lightweight electric skateboard that delivers serious performance in a small package. With a respectable 27 mph top speed and 18-mile max range, this board is perfect for students, city commuting, and cruising around town...


    Vestar V2 Pro Classic

    V2 Pro Classic

    With its powerful 800W motors and 30 mph top speed, the Vestar V2 Pro Classic is an affordable electric skateboard model that's fun for carving and hill conquering. With its 38' bamboo maple flex deck, gravity casting trucks, and high-quality battery, the V2 Pro Classic is built for max fun...


    Vestar V2 Pro

    V2 Pro

    With a max speed of 27 mph, the V2 Pro is a high-performance electric skateboard that's designed for serious street fun. The V2 Pro weighs in at a lightweight 15 lbs, is available in both belt drive and hub drive configurations, and delivers a range of 22 miles...


    Vestar Mini


    Vestar's Mini is a high-performance, budget-friendly electric skateboard that's available with a belt drive or hub motor. The Mini packs a 27 mph top speed and 17-mile range, thanks to the twin 650W motor setup. Weighing in at just 13 lbs, this model is easy to transport...


    Vestar Coupon Code and Promos

    At the moment, you can save 12% on all Vestar electric skateboards by applying the coupon code RECHARGEDRIDES at checkout (to stay up-to-date on all the latest sales, be sure to bookmark our electric skateboard deals page).

    Location of Vestar Headquarters

    Warranty & Customer Service

    Vestar offers a 6-month warranty which will provide coverage in the event of a manufacturing defect. In terms of customer service, the company offers the contact options that are most typical with electric skateboard startups ⁠— the brand can be reached via email, live chat, phone, and a contact form on Vestar’s website.

    As part of our electric skateboard review process, we test each brand’s customer support responsiveness. Vestar responded a bit slower than most companies, taking a day and a half to reply to our emailed inquiry:

    Vestar Customer Support Test

    Optional Accessories and Add-ons

    In addition to Vestar’s extensive lineup of electric skateboards, the brand also sells a range of accessories and replacement parts that are fully compatible with their boards.

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    All Vestar electric skateboards are manufactured in Shenzhen, China at the company's factory.

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