Why Buy an Electric Skateboard?

Why Buy an Electric Skateboard?

For the purist with years of skating experience, the idea of buying an electric skateboard may not be immediately appealing. Electric skateboards offer an entirely different experience than traditional skateboards and certainly aren’t for everyone. However, if you’re open to experiencing a ride that’s totally unique from anything else out there, and you’re okay with the fact that it’s not exactly traditional skateboarding, then electric skateboards are definitely worth checking out.

In this article, we’ll take a look several of the top reasons why you might want to consider buying an electric skateboard.

Are Electric Skateboards Worth it?

Electric skateboards are a great new transportation technology. They’re easy to use and provide a fun, efficient way to get around. Powered by a motor that makes it easy to cover large distances quickly, electric skateboards are also great for uphill travel, allowing you to conquer even the steepest of slopes.

But are electric skateboards worth the money? While the answer to questions like this will always be subjective, we believe that electric skateboards are well worth the investment for anyone who is looking for a fun, new way to enjoy the outdoors or commute from point A to point B.

Top Reasons to Buy an Electric Skateboard

They're fast.

Electric skateboards are a great way to quickly get around. Much faster than walking, electric skateboards are capable of reaching speeds of 20+ mph. Featuring powerful motors that deliver impressive torque, acceleration, and speed, electric skateboards are an exhilarating mode of transport that continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of personal electric vehicles (PEV).

They're fun.

Skateboarding has always been a fun and satisfying way to get around, and electric skateboards take that buzz to the next level. Easy-to-ride and able to be ridden on a variety of terrain, electric skateboards open up an entirely new world of enjoyment for riders of all age groups and experience levels.

They're stylish.

Hip, trendy, and cool, electric skateboards are all the rage today and popular amongst some of today’s most prominent hipsters.

They're quiet.

Electric skateboards are a great way to get around town without making a lot of noise. They’re quiet and stealthy, so you can zip around without disrupting people or waking up the ‘hood.

They're affordable.

One of the most cost-effective ways to get around town, electric skateboards are typically cheaper than e-bikes and electric scooters, both popular eco-friendly alternatives to traditional gas-powered vehicles. Offering low maintenance costs, high energy efficiency, and zero pain at the pump, electric skateboards are the ultimate option for budget-conscious commuters. Be sure to bookmark our page of electric skateboard sales for the best deals and discounts!

They're eco-friendly.

Far better for the environment than cars, trucks, vans, and motorcycles, electric skateboards produce zero emissions and only require a small amount of electricity to run.

They're easy to use.

Easy to ride for all ages and experience levels, electric skateboards can be enjoyed by all types of riders and include a user-friendly controller which provides total control over braking and acceleration.

They're great for commuting.

A wonderful option for short city commutes, electric skateboards are super easy to maneuver and can get you to your destination quickly.

Say goodbye to traffic jams and expensive parking fees.

Electric skateboards are a great way to avoid traffic jams and expensive parking fees. During the typical city day, commuters deal with rush hour, crowded streets, and packed parking lots. With an electric skateboard, you can avoid all of that ruckus.

They're versatile.

Unlike cars, electric skateboards can be ridden on sidewalks, trails, and streets. This makes them great for getting around town, traveling to new destinations, and exploring. For off-road adventures and top-shelf versatility, we recommend checking out the affordable, all-terrain models by B-ONE, Vestar, and Meepo.

They're super portable.

Electric skateboards are compact, easy to store, and can be carried with you wherever you go. They can also be brought along on the bus, train, or plane. If portability is a top priority, be sure to check out the Max One by Maxfind which weighs in at only 10 pounds.

They're great for exercise.

Electric skateboards are a great way to stay active. Not only do they offer a fun way to get around, but they also provide a good workout. Electric skateboards can help you improve your fitness level, burn some unwanted, calories, improve your balance, and increase coordination.

Mental health benefits.

Electric skateboards are also a great way to relax and take your mind off of things, providing a refreshing way to enjoy the outdoors and take in some fresh air and sunshine — all things that are shown to be beneficial when it comes to mental health.

A way to get your snowboard stoke in the off-season.

Electric skateboards are the closet thing to snowboarding when there’s no snow, offering boarders a fun summertime stoke whenever slopes are closed.

A cool way to meet new people.

A big part of electric skateboard appeal is that they are a fun, easy way to meet new people. Perfect for grouprides and activities, electric skateboards are a social activity that everyone can enjoy.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of whether you’re looking for an easy way to get around town, a fun new hobby, or a great way to meet new friends, electric skateboards offer a world of benefits. An affordable, environmentally friendly mode of transportation that can also be enjoyed recreationally, electric skateboards offer unmatched versatility and are perfect for riders of all types.

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