Rungu Dualie Electric Bikes Review (2023)

A brand that's pushing the boundaries of what's possible with electric hunting bikes, San Clemente, CA-based Rungu gives hunters the ultimate high-performance e-bike platform with its Dualie dual-front-wheel models...

Rungu Dualie E-Bikes



Founded by Peter Godlewski, Rungu is a hunter-specific electric bike brand with a focus on high-performance design, stability, and rugged durability. Originally launched in 2014 as a non-electric bike range, Rungu’s dual front wheel bike lineup transitioned to electric in 2016, and in 2018 the brand’s first mid-drive motor was introduced. Rungu’s Dualie double-front-wheel e-bikes deliver the ultimate in off-road performance and are designed to take hunters, anglers, and outdoor enthusiasts to places that would otherwise be completely inaccessible on a traditional electric bike.

Offering something totally different from other electric hunting bike brands, Rungu’s Dualie models don’t come with the typical front tire setup that you’d expect to see on an electric bicycle. Instead, Rungu makes the only hunting bike with two front wheels. Designed to boost rider stability and reduce wipeouts, Rungu’s patented double-wheel front fork increases the contact area between the tires and ground resulting in improved handling and control in thick mud, sand, and rough terrain.

Rungu’s hunting e-bikes aren’t cheap, but for the serious hunter who demands the best in terms of safety, performance, and build quality, Rungu’s double wheel design is pretty tough to beat in our opinion. The Rungu Dualie line is well-optimized for all-terrain adventures, and the bikes are extremely easy to customize with cargo racks, trailers, and mounts.

Another area that sets Rungu apart from its competitors is manufacturing. Unlike most other e-bike brands that outsource production to offshore factories in Asia, Rungu produces all of its bikes locally in the United States at its Santa Ana, CA factory. Featuring top-shelf build quality and componentry, Rungu’s Dualie line is designed for heavy-duty use and each bike is backed by a rock-solid 2-year warranty.

In this review of Rungu’s 2023 Dualie electric bike range, we’ll take a look at each of the company’s five models and compare features, rate the brand’s customer service, and more.


FOUNDER Peter Godlewski
PRODUCTS Electric bikes
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    Rungu Electric Bikes Comparison Chart

    Dualie XR Rubicon Trail Edition 120 lbs 332 lbs 296 miles Click Here
    Dualie XR Steep 112 lbs 332 lbs 309 miles Click Here
    Dualie Rugged 103 lbs 344 lbs 161 miles Click Here
    Dualie Steep 93 lbs 319 lbs 146 miles Click Here
    Dualie Standard 86 lbs 325 lbs 136 miles Click Here

    Rungu Dualie E-Bike Reviews

    Rungu Dualie XR Rubicon Trail Edition

    Dualie XR Rubicon Trail Edition

    Rungu's flagship electric bike, the Dualie XR Rubicon Trail Edition delivers a next-level off-road ride and is capable of delivering a mind-blowing 296 miles of range. This bike rolls on Maxxis fat tires and comes fully loaded with top-shelf componentry...

    Price | Review

    Rungu Dualie XR Steep

    Dualie XR Steep

    Rungu's Dualie XR Steep is a highly-capable off-road adventure bike with a massive range and enough power to tackle even the toughest off-road terrain. Fitted with upgraded gearing and a 'Double Up' battery, the Dualie XR Steep is a serious high-performance hunting machine...

    Price | Review

    Rungu Dualie Rugged

    Dualie Rugged

    The Dualie Rugged is Rungu's mid-range e-bike, offering the same off-road handling and performance as the company's flagship model at a lower price point. Features a single 18Ah battery pack and BOX Prime 9 gears, the Dualie Rugged is capable of delivering up to 161 miles of range...


    Rungu Dualie Steep

    Dualie Steep

    Available in three colors (Forest Green, Midnight Black, and Winter Slate), the Rungu Dualie Steep is a versatile e-bike that's built tough to tackle steep hills and rough off-road terrain. Powered by a 52V mid-drive motor, the Dualie Steep weighs in at 93 lbs and can cruise up to 146 miles on a single charge...


    Rungu Dualie Standard

    Dualie Standard

    Rungu's entry-level electric bike, the Dualie Standard is a stripped-down version of the brand's higher-priced models. This no-frills machine offers good value for money and packs a powerful motor, PAS and throttle modes, and massive fat tires that perform well in snow, soft sand, and more...


    Rungu Coupon Code and Promos

    For a limited time, you can save 5% on any Rungu Dualie with the coupon code RECHARGEDRIDES. To take advantage of this special offer, simply click here, add the Rungu bike and desired accessories to your shopping cart, and then enter the promo code when checking out. The 5% discount will be automatically applied to your order.

    Location of Rungu Headquarters

    Warranty & Customer Service

    Rungu’s made-in-the-USA electric bikes come with a generous 2-year warranty which provides full coverage in the event of a manufacturing defect. The company is easy to reach via phone and email, and the brand’s founder sent us a friendly, same-day reply when we emailed in with an inquiry (we always test customer service responsiveness when reviewing e-bikes)…

    Rungu Customer Support Rating

    Optional Accessories and Add-ons

    Like most of the electric bike manufacturers that we review, Rungu also sells a wide range of replacement parts and accessories. Whether you’re looking for a new battery, display, cargo rack, trailer, or something else, chances are you’ll find it at Rungu’s online store.

    Additionally, Rungu sells non-electric versions of its Dualie e-bike designs. These are a great option for sportsmen who prefer a pedal-powered hunting bike at a lower price point.

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    Rungu's electric bikes are manufactured at the brand's Santa Ana, CA factory.

    Rungu is owned and operated by San Clemente, CA-based Standard Bearer Machines, LLC.

    Not exactly. Rungu offers something called a "Goes Where Others Can’t" performance guarantee. If your Dualie can't go where other e-bikes can't (as Rungu promises), then the company will refund your money.

    Yes, the BBSHD motor features an IP65 rating, while the XR circuitry is rated as IP62.

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