Rambo E-Bikes Review (2023)

A well-established brand in the electric hunting bike world, Iowa's Rambo Bikes sells a full range of rugged fat tire e-bikes for serious hunters and outdoor adventurers...

Rambo Electric Hunting Bikes



Founded in 2014 by Nathan Stieren, Iowa-based Rambo Bikes is a rugged, off-road electric bike brand that specializes in building all-terrain capable rides for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. With a focus on performance, durability, and value, the company’s extensive lineup of electric bikes is designed for real-world utility and built to last.

Rambo’s e-bikes are crafted from high-quality materials and components, including corrosion-resistant 6061 aluminum alloy frames, air suspension, heavy-duty batteries, and powerful motors (500W, 750W, and 1000W). Fitted with stunning camo finishes and massive fat tires, Rambo electric hunting bikes provide riders with both throttle and pedal-assist modes and are designed to perform well in sand, gravel, mud, and other rough terrain.

Rambo Bikes includes a 1-year warranty with each of their models, providing coverage to customers in the event of a manufacturing defect.

In this Rambo Bikes review, we’ll do a full breakdown of the company’s fat tire electric hunting bike range for 2023. We’ll compare specs and features, and also rate the responsiveness of the brand’s customer service department.


COMPANY Rambo Bikes
FOUNDER Nathan Stieren
PRODUCTS Electric bikes
WARRANTY 12-month
PRICING Click here to check prices
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    Rambo E-Bikes Comparison Chart

    The Venom 71 lbs 300 lbs 40 miles Click Here
    The Megatron 77 lbs 300 lbs 80 miles Click Here
    The Rampage 67 lbs 300 lbs 60 miles Click Here
    The Prowler 70 lbs 300 lbs 40 miles Click Here
    The Rebel Step Thru 69 lbs 300 lbs 48 miles Click Here
    The Rebel 69 lbs 300 lbs 48 miles Click Here
    The Krusader 74 lbs 300 lbs 38 miles Click Here
    The Nomad Step Thru 66 lbs 300 lbs 38 miles Click Here
    The Nomad 66 lbs 300 lbs 25 miles Click Here
    Limited Edition Bushwacker 66 lbs 300 lbs 38 miles Click Here
    The Roamer 63 lbs 300 lbs 35 miles Click Here
    The Ryder 63 lbs 300 lbs 35 miles Click Here
    The Pursuit 63 lbs 300 lbs 35 miles Click Here
    The Rooster 61 lbs 300 lbs 35 miles Click Here
    The Savage 59 lbs 300 lbs 35 miles Click Here
    The Cruiser 59 lbs 300 lbs 35 miles Click Here

    Rambo Electric Bike Reviews

    Rambo Venom

    The Venom

    The Venom, Rambo Bikes' top-of-the-line model, features a powerful BAFANG 1000W Ultra Drive motor which provides superb performance in the most challenging of conditions. With a 48V 17Ah battery, the Venom packs a 40-mile range and is capable of taking you where other bikes can't...


    Rambo Megatron

    The Megatron

    Rambo Bikes' Megatron doesn't sacrifice power for portability. With a massive double battery for extended range riding, the Megatron is powered by twin 1000W BAFANG hub motors that deliver top-notch front wheel, rear wheel, or all-wheel drive performance...

    Price | Review

    Rambo Rampage

    The Rampage

    Rambo Bikes' Rampage offers riders a full-suspension ride that's incredibly versatile and capable of tackling challenging terrain and steep hills with ease. With a 1000W mid-drive motor and 48V 21Ah lithium-ion battery, this electric mountain bike can ride for 60 miles per charge...


    Rambo Prowler

    The Prowler

    The Rambo Prowler is a tough, all-around performer that's designed to do it all. Available in Rambo's stunning new TrueTimber VSX paint pattern, the Prowler comes loaded with Tektro hydraulic disc brakes and an inverted front fork for increased strength and improved handling...


    Rambo Rebel Step Thru

    The Rebel Step Thru

    With its convenient step-through frame and 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes, Rambo's Rebel Step Thru provides a smooth ride, convenient mounting and dismounting, and improved off-road handling. Loaded with a powerful 1000W BAFANG BBSHD mid-drive motor, it delivers a 48-mile range...


    Rambo Rebel

    The Rebel

    Rambo's Rebel electric bike is a high-performance ride that's designed to handle well in both on and off-road conditions. Powerful and dependable, the Rambo Rebel bike comes with a 1000-watt BAFANG mid-drive motor, 48V 21Ah battery, hydraulic brakes, and an easy-to-use thumb throttle...


    Rambo Krusader

    The Krusader

    The Rambo Krusader is an ultra-reliable hunting e-bike that's designed to take you wherever you want to go. This bike features dual 500W hub motors that provide next-level all-terrain performance, and the front fork suspension makes it easier to control the bike off-road...


    Rambo Nomad Step Thru

    The Nomad Step Thru

    The versatile and powerful Rambo Nomad Step Thru offers a great mix of power, range, and value. With a 750W mid-drive electric motor, 48V 14Ah battery, and beefy 26" x 4" fat tires, this is an easy to ride electric bike for older individuals and riders with limited mobility...


    Rambo Nomad

    The Nomad

    With a rugged frame and suspension fork, Rambo's Nomad offers an excellent combination of comfort and control for on-road and off-road riding. Available in three finishes, the Nomad comes with a 750W mid-drive motor and a 48V 14Ah lithium-ion battery...


    Limited Edition Bushwacker

    Rambo Bikes' Bushwacker is a tough, all-terrain e-bike that rolls on MAXXIS Minion fat tires. With a 750W BAFANG BBSHD mid-drive motor, the Bushwacker is powerful enough to tackle almost any trail and is fun to ride in the mountains, woods, snow, and more...


    Rambo Roamer

    The Roamer

    Powered by a 48V 14Ah Samsung battery and a 750W mid-drive motor, the Rambo Roamer delivers the torque and power you need to handle any terrain. A good choice for riding in muddy conditions, the Roamer features Shimano 8-speed gearing and a 35-mile range...


    Rambo Ryder

    The Ryder

    Available in Black/Tan and Matte Black/Teal, the Rambo Ryder features a more compact aluminum frame that's ideal for smaller riders. With an 8-speed Shimano derailleur, 750W mid-drive motor, Kenda Kevlar anti-puncture fat tires, and fast charging battery, the Ryder delivers solid value...


    Rambo Pursuit

    The Pursuit

    A fun, all-around model that can be used for hunting, fishing, camping, and more, the Rambo Pursuit provides the power and range to get you to your destination. The Pursuit delivers a 35-mile range and the 180mm hydraulic brakes provide superb stopping power...


    The Rooster

    A departure from the design typically seen on Rambo's electric bike models, the Rooster features a step-through frame, rear cargo rack, 20" Kenda fat tires, and BMX-style handlebars. The all-purpose Rooster is a compact, fun bike that can be ridden on the beach, trails, and more...


    The Savage

    Featuring a stealthy black finish, 750W mid-drive motor, and rigid front fork, the Rambo Savage is an entry-level model that's ideal for the budget conscious or new riders. Capable of being outfitted with Rambo's top-shelf accessories, the affordable Savage is a bike that's fun and easy to customize...


    Rambo Cruiser

    The Cruiser

    Packing a removable lithium-ion battery and 500W mid-drive motor, the Rambo Cruiser offers outdoor enthusiasts an impressive amount of bang for the buck. Built with the same attention to detail as Rambo's higher-priced bikes, the Cruiser gives riders a perfect blend of value and performance...


    Rambo Bikes Coupon Code and Promos

    For a limited time, you can save 5% on any Rambo e-bike with the coupon code RECHARGEDRIDES. To take advantage of this exclusive deal, just click here, add the Rambo bike and any accessories that you want to your shopping cart, and then enter the code RECHARGEDRIDES during checkout. The 5% discount will be instantly applied to your order.

    Location of Rambo Bikes Headquarters

    Warranty & Customer Service

    In an industry that’s full of fly-by-night startups that are here today and gone tomorrow, Rambo Bikes is a company you can trust. Established in 2014 and headquartered in Centerville, IA, Rambo makes some of the best electric bikes for hunting and the company stands behind everything it makes with a rock-solid 1-year warranty.

    If you need to contact Rambo for customer service, the company has a phone number and contact form provided on its website. Additionally, you can also reach them via email.

    Lastly, our e-bike ratings always include details on the responsiveness of each brand. We’re happy to report that Rambo Bikes sent us timely, same-day responses to our emailed inquiries…

    Rambo Bikes Customer Service Rating

    Optional Accessories and Add-ons

    Rambo Bikes is another e-bike company that sells a nice range of replacement parts and accessories. Included in Rambo’s online store is everything from batteries, chargers, and replacement parts to fenders, racks, and bags.

    Reviews From our Community

    Do not recommend…

    December 22, 2022

    I received the Rambo-Savage 750 for Thanksgiving and was super excited.

    I installed the handlebars /tires and charged my bike. Once charged, I took it out to break in the brakes as instructed in the manual. The entire motor and two bolts fell off the bike immediately (installed by manufacturer prior to shipping). Contacted Rambo and it took almost a week for someone to get back to me and all they did was send me a copy of a packing slip where they were going to send me a replacement motor. I responded back, that I was thankful but who would be installing the new motor on this $3K bike and who pays for the install. I never got a response. Finally, my package arrived…. However, it was not a motor but a deer cart tire. Once again, I reached out to Rambo customer service and it took quite a few days to get a response. Again, they sent me a packing slip showing a new motor was on its way. Just received the motor but have yet to be informed where I am to take the bike to have it installed and who will be covering that install.

    Overall, I was pretty bummed. I’ve researched these bikes for quite some time and was really excited to use it for hunting. Here we are a month later and I have a $3K bike I got to ride for about 3 minutes, and a motor sitting in a box that I’m still awaiting clarification on what I’m supposed to do with it.

    I unfortunately had a terrible experience and that is the reason for my review. Hopefully, no one else has to have this type of experience with them. Overall very disappointed in this purchase and the customer service of this company.



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    Rambo's hunting bikes are manufactured in China.

    The e-bike models in Rambo's 2022 lineup range in price from $4,399.99 to $8,499.99.

    Rambo Bikes is owned by Alliance Outdoor Group (AOG), an Iowa-based company that also owns X-Stand Treestands, Sniper Treestands, and Stealth Project.

    Depending on the model, Rambo's electric bikes are capable of hitting top speeds of anywhere between 20 and 28 mph.

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