NAKTO Electric Bikes Review (2023)

A Zhejiang, China-based budget brand with a large, versatile lineup of electric bikes and accessories...

NAKTO Electric Bikes



NAKTO is a Chinese electric bike company that was founded in 2016. Headquartered in Zhejiang, NAKTO has become a popular brand with budget-conscious riders, with its extremely affordable, entry-level e-bikes.

NAKTO offers a versatile lineup of 15 different electric bike models for 2023, including city bikes, mountain bikes, folding bikes, and even beach cruisers. There’s literally something for everyone in their lineup, and they even offer a variety of colors.

What sets NAKTO apart from other brands is its extremely competitive pricing. Most of the company’s bikes are priced well below $1,000, and some models can be found for as little as $700. Despite their low prices, NAKTO’s bikes come fairly well-equipped and make a great e-bike for first-time buyers.

In addition to its great prices, NAKTO also offers a 1-year warranty on all of its electric bikes. Plus, if you’re not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it within 14 days for a full refund.

In this review of NAKTO’s 2023 e-bike line, we’ll take a look at each one of their electric bike models, compare features, pricing, and more. We’ll also include active coupon codes and promotions that you can use to save some money on a new NAKTO bike.


HEADQUARTERS Zhejiang, China
PRODUCTS Electric bikes
GUARANTEE 14-day money-back
PRICING Click here to check prices
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    Rated 3.0 out of 5
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    NAKTO E-Bike Comparison Chart

    Camel Women 26" 68 lbs 250W/350W rear hub 22 miles Click Here
    Camel Men 26" 75 lbs 250W rear hub 22 miles Click Here
    Folding OX 66 lbs 500W rear hub 22 miles Click Here
    Classic 53 lbs 250W rear hub 22 miles Click Here
    Elegance 66 lbs 250W rear hub 22 miles Click Here
    PONY 250W 64 lbs 250W rear hub 22 miles Click Here
    Cruiser 83 lbs 300W rear hub 20 miles Click Here
    Super Cruiser 85 lbs 500W rear hub 22 miles Click Here
    City Stroller 53 lbs 350W rear hub 22 miles Click Here
    Santa Monica 72 lbs 500W rear hub 22 miles Click Here
    Skylark 66 lbs 250W rear hub 22 miles Click Here
    Ranger Mountain 68 lbs 350W rear hub 22 miles Click Here
    Fashion 66 lbs 250W rear hub 22 miles Click Here
    Mini Cruiser 68 lbs 300W rear hub 22 miles Click Here
    Discovery 72 lbs 350W rear hub 22 miles Click Here

    NAKTO Electric Bike Reviews

    NAKTO Camel Women 26

    Camel Women 26"

    The NAKTO Camel Women 26-inch electric bike features a convenient step-through design and is available in two color options. This e-bike model packs a 250W brushless geared hub motor, front suspension fork, and 36V 10Ah battery that offers 22 miles of range on a single charge...


    NAKTO Camel Men 26"

    Camel Men 26"

    NAKTO's Camel Men bicycle is a great choice for commuters who wish to enjoy a classic design that's comfortable and practical. Featuring an upright riding position, this e-bike is powered by a 250W or 350W geared hub motor, 36V 10Ah battery, and 6-speed Shimano derailleur...


    NAKTO Folding OX

    Folding OX

    The NAKTO Folding OX is a rugged folding bike that's easy to throw in the trunk of a car and store in small spaces. This e-bike comes well-equipped with rugged fat tires for off-road handling, a rear cargo rack for hauling gear, and a comfortable cruiser-style handlebar design...


    NAKTO Classic


    With its vintage-inspired styling, the easy-to-ride NAKTO Classic is perfect for those who want a retro-styled electric bicycle with front and rear cargo storage for carrying groceries and more. The Shimano 6-speed derailleur offers smooth shifting and a 350W hub motor provides plenty of power...


    NAKTO Elegance


    NAKTO's Elegance is a good electric bike for riders in search of a comfortable ride and solid value. A step-through frame, rear passenger seat, 250W hub motor, and 36V 10Ah battery make the Elegance a great choice for city commuting and all-around recreational cruising...



    PONY 250W

    With a 250W rear hub motor, 36V 10Ah battery, and rear passenger seat, NAKTO's PONY 250W is an entry-level cargo bike that's perfect for hauling a passenger and supplies around town. Available in two color options, this e-bike makes a decent, cost-effective vehicle replacement...


    NAKTO Cruiser


    NAKTO's Cruiser electric bike is a versatile and powerful ride that's designed for both on and off-road riding. With its all-terrain capable fat tires, 300W hub motor, and 36V 10Ah battery, this e-bike is capable of cruising up to 20 miles on a single charge and includes 5 levels of pedal assist...


    NAKTO Super Cruiser

    Super Cruiser

    NAKTO's top-of-the-line e-bike, the Super Cruiser is a fast, stable ride that's ready to tackle even the most challenging terrain. Powered by a 500W hub motor and a 48V 12Ah battery, the NAKTO Super Cruiser has 5 pedal-assist levels and is equipped with 26-inch fat tires for outstanding versatility...


    NAKTO City Stroller

    City Stroller

    The City Stroller is a fun all-rounder for city and suburban riding, with a step-through frame, front basket, front headlight, and rear cargo rack. Available in both white and pink and packing front suspension, the budget-priced 350W City Stroller delivers 22 miles of range on a full charge...


    NAKTO Santa Monica

    Santa Monica

    The Santa Monica is a stylish electric beach cruiser bike that's crafted to deliver a fun, smooth ride. With 26" Kenda fat tires, mechanical disc brakes, and front fork suspension, this versatile e-bike offers a comfortable ride that's perfect for riding on city streets, beaches, and more...



    The NAKTO Skylark is a compact folding electric bike that's ideal for sailboat and RV life. Weighing in at 66 pounds and powered by a 250-watt brushless geared hub motor, the portable and ultra-affordable Skylark can be quickly and compactly folded for easy storage and transport...


    NAKTO Ranger Mountain

    Ranger Mountain

    The Ranger Mountain is NAKTO's affordable electric MTB model. Featuring an aluminum alloy frame in a classic black finish, 350W hub motor, and 36V 10Ah battery, the Ranger Mountain electric bike offers a 22-mile range and 5-level PAS for an amazing, all-around riding experience...


    NAKTO Fashion


    NAKTO's Fashion is an entry-level electric bike that's a good choice for casual riders and first-time e-bike buyers. With its folding step-through carbon steel frame, fenders, and rear cargo rack, this bike is a versatile, easy-to-ride model that offers a lot in terms of features and overall value...


    NAKTO Mini Cruiser

    Mini Cruiser

    The NAKTO Cruiser is a fun and affordable all-terrain electric bike that delivers up to 20 miles of range. Featuring a compact frame design, 300W brushless geared hub motor, LED headlight, and 36V 10Ah battery, the Cruiser rides on tough fat tires for excellent all-terrain performance...


    NAKTO Discovery


    Another compact fat tire e-bike, the NAKTO Discovery features an integrated 48V 8Ah battery, 350W hub motor, front suspension for smoothing out bumps, and a Shimano MF-TZ500-6 6-speed derailleur. A great choice for smaller riders, the Discovery offers good performance and value...


    NAKTO Coupon Code and Promos

    NAKTO is currently offering $30 off any electric bike order by using the promo code RECHARGEDRIDES on their site. To take advantage of this offer, customers will need to make sure they enter the code at checkout. Shipping is also free in the continental US.

    Location of NAKTO Headquarters

    Warranty & Customer Service

    NAKTO’s warranty ensures that you’re fully protected in the event of a manufacturing defect. All of its e-bikes are covered by a 1-year warranty, and the company offers several contact options, including telephone, chat, email, and a contact form on the company’s website.

    Also, whenever we review electric bikes, we like to test the responsiveness of each brand’s customer service department. Customer support is an important factor to consider when purchasing an e-bike, and NAKTO responded to our emailed inquiry in just over 8 hours (which is excellent). Despite the quick response time, we did find it frustrating that the reply didn’t  provide us with the information we asked for, and this is something that happens occasionally when dealing with Asia-based companies. If you’re a consumer-direct brand that’s predominately targeting English-speaking markets, it’s a good idea to hire customer support staff that is fluent in English.

    NAKTO Customer Support Rating

    Optional Accessories and Add-ons

    In addition to its extensive e-bike lineup for 2023, NAKTO also sells a selection of replacement parts and accessories. With a large range of batteries, chargers, displays, locks, seats, pedals, tires, tubes, fenders, and more, there’s no shortage of options for NAKTO e-bike owners.

    Reviews From our Community

    Do not buy…

    Rated 1.0 out of 5
    September 29, 2023

    This bike is the WORST! My son has ridden it a total of 5 times and 4 out of the five there has been an issue. First the handle bars became loose and even the local bike repair shop said that the parts they use on these bikes are cheap. He said it wouldn’t be worth the amount of time he would have to put in to fix the bike. Then, the brakes went out on the bike. My husband fixed that, but told my son to, “Go easy on the brakes.” Yikes! Next the tire popped, which I know happens, but it has added to our awful experience. Finally the bike was losing power. When my husband looked at it, it had Error Codes 6 and 8. One of those codes stated, “You need to contact manufacturer.” Finally, the throttle gives out. We will turn it on and then suddenly it will just turn off. We cannot use this bike and like I said, my son has only ridden it five times. Ridiculous! Finally, I cannot get a hold of anyone at Nakto bikes. Their voicemail is full. Do not buy this bike! It is not worth your time and money.

    Kathleen Roney

    Heads turn all day long…

    Rated 5.0 out of 5
    September 5, 2022

    Well, I’ve had mine for about 3 weeks now and I’ve been all over town. Up hills, down hills, 24 mph was the fastest so far. Mine is the Discovery ebike, the 2022 year model, I think. I added front and rear fenders. It’s given it a way better look and I must say heads turn all day long and comments never stop. I’m 59 this November, and I’ll be riding my ebike past all the other regular pedal bikes. Like they’re sitting still.

    There were just 4 ebikes in our town. Me, my sister, her son, and her old man, and of course Paul another rider friend, Now, I’ve noticed a total of 7 at this time, maybe more. Thanks for the great bike you have built.

    Charles k. Johnston. from Pampa,Texas.


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    All of the electric bikes in NAKTO's lineup are manufactured in China.

    NAKTO has a consumer-direct business model and each of their popular e-bike models can be purchased directly from the brand's official online store.

    There will be a slight difference in assembly time from model to model, but you should be able to have your NAKTO e-bike fully assembled and ready to ride in 5 minutes or less.

    Performance ranges from model to model and is dependent on both the battery and motor size, but you can expect to reach speeds of 15 mph to 20 mph.

    NAKTO is a popular brand in the budget niche, selling thousands of electric bikes globally each year. While the quality of NAKTO's electric bikes won't be on par with high-end e-bikes, they offer riders an affordable and fun way to get riding.

    The answer to this question largely depends on how well a NAKTO e-bike has been cared for, but you can expect your bike to last for several years with proper maintenance and care.

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