Mokwheel Review (2024): Affordable All-Terrain Electric Fat Bikes

A promising newcomer to the world of fat tire electric bikes, Mokwheel is pushing the boundaries of e-bike design, all-terrain performance, and affordability...

Mokwheel Electric Bikes



A fat tire e-bike brand that was founded by Denny Liu in 2014, Ontario, CA-based Mokwheel is a name that’s still flying under the radar of many electric bike enthusiasts. The word is getting out, however, and Mokwheel is being recognized for its innovative and affordable designs, outstanding warranty, and friendly customer support team.

Mokwheel bikes are designed with versatility in mind and they can tackle a variety of terrain. They come well-equipped with name-brand componentry from industry-leading brands like TEKTRO and SHIMANO, and they’re well-constructed and built to last.

Mokwheel’s rides also featured integrated Power Station Technology, allowing riders to utilize the company’s 1000W inverter to connect to foldable solar panels or recharge electronic devices like phones, lights, and cameras.

Unlike some other startups in this industry, Mokwheel seems to understand the importance of customer service — something that always gets our attention whenever we’re taking a look at newly introduced e-bike ranges. Mokwheel seems to be doing a great job thus far of keeping its customers happy, and all of the company’s rides come with a generous 2-year warranty. Mokwheel also offers a 15-day return policy for added peace of mind.

Overall, Mokwheel is an e-bike manufacturer to watch in 2024 and one that we feel has a very bright future. In this review of Mokwheel’s lineup, we’ll check out each of the company’s fat tire e-bikes and compare features, pricing, and performance.


COMPANY Mokwheel
PRODUCTS Fat tire electric bikes
GUARANTEE 15-day money-back
PRICING Click here to check prices
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    Mokwheel E-Bikes Comparison Chart

    Asphalt 60 lbs 350 lbs 60 miles Click Here
    Asphalt ST 60 lbs 300 lbs 60 miles Click Here
    Basalt 79 lbs 450 lbs 80 miles Click Here
    Basalt ST 77 lbs 400 lbs 80 miles Click Here
    Scoria 79 lbs 400 lbs 80 miles Click Here
    Mesa Plus ST 70 lbs 400 lbs 55 miles Click Here
    Tor Plus 74 lbs 400 lbs 55 miles Click Here
    Obsidian 77 lbs 400 lbs 80 miles Click Here

    Mokwheel Electric Bike Reviews

    Mokwheel Asphalt


    A new addition to Mokwheel's growing electric bike lineup, the Mokwheel Asphalt is an urban cruiser that's designed for city streets and daily commuting. Available in three colors and powered by a 500W rear hub motor and 48V 14.7Ah LG lithium-ion battery, the Asphalt is a fun option for city-dwellers in search of an exciting and economical way to tackle daily commutes...

    Price | Review

    Asphalt ST

    A step-through version of the brand's new urban commuter, the Asphalt ST offers the same great comfort and performance of the original version with a frame configuration that's designed for easier access. An ideal option for older riders and those with mobility challenges, the Asphalt ST is an affordable and accessible option that's suitable for riders of all ages...

    Price | Review

    Mokwheel Basalt


    Off-road fat tire fanatics owe it to themselves to check out Mokwheel's flagship fatty — the Basalt. This rugged model rolls on 26" x 4" CHAOYANG rubber and arrives with front and rear fenders plus a rear cargo rack for hauling supplies. Capable of delivering up to 80 miles of range per charge, the Mokwheel Basalt is powered by a 750W rear hub motor and 48V 19.6Ah battery...

    Price | Review

    Mokwheel Basalt ST

    Basalt ST

    Perfect for those with limited mobility, the Mokwheel Basalt ST electric bike is virtually indistinguishable from the original model, except for the convenient step-through frame that makes mounting and dismounting a breeze. It still retains the same high-quality components and sleek design of the Basalt step-over model, offering riders a comfortable and reliable fat tire e-bike...


    Mokwheel Scoria


    Mokwheel's only 20" fat tire electric bike, the compact Scoria packs a punch. Featuring a step-through frame, heavy-duty rear rack, and mudguards, the Mokwheel Scoria is powered by a 750W hub motor and delivers an 80-mile range. The bike is also fitted with an adjustable front suspension fork and TEKTRO hydraulic disc brakes for top-notch stopping power...

    Price | Review

    Mokwheel Mesa Plus ST

    Mesa Plus ST

    Part of Mokwheel's "Classic" range of electric bikes, the Mesa Plus ST fat tire e-bike offers excellent value and performance for commuters and outdoor adventurers alike. Featuring a 48V 16Ah removable battery and 750W hub motor, the stylish Mokwheel Mesa Plus ST is capable of supporting up to 400 lbs of weight and provides riders with 55 miles of range on a single charge...

    Price | Review

    Mokwheel Tor Plus

    Tor Plus

    Comfort and convenience sync perfectly with Mokwheel's Tor Plus fat tire electric bicycle. Optimized for riders ranging in height from 5'3" to 6'4", the Mokwheel Tor Plus is an easy-to-ride model that can handle sandy beaches, muddy trails, and busy city streets with ease. Available in two attractive color options, the Tor Plus is an eye-catching ride that can take you anywhere...


    Mokwheel Obsidian


    Added to the company's lineup in late 2023, the Mokwheel Obsidian is an impressive softail eMTB that packs a serious punch. Available in three color options, the rugged Obsidian rolls on 26" fat tires and is powered by a 1000W brushless rear hub motor and 48V 19.6Ah battery for extended-range, all-terrain adventures...


    Mokwheel Coupon Code and Promos

    For a limited time, you can get free accessory credits with the purchase of one or more Mokwheel electric bikes. Receive a $200 accessory credit with the purchase of any Mokwheel fatty, or buy two e-bikes and get a $500 credit for accessories. To take advantage of this special promotion, simply click here and add the bike(s) to your shopping cart.

    Location of Mokwheel Headquarters

    Warranty & Customer Service

    Mokwheel electric bikes come with a generous 2-year warranty that covers manufacturer defects. This coverage is much better than the 1-year warranty offered by most other e-bike makers, and it shows how serious Mokwheel is about standing behind its bikes.

    Additionally, Mokwheel provides a 15-day return policy, but be aware that customers are responsible for return shipping costs and a 5% restocking fee may apply. Mokwheel also has a great customer support team that’s easy to reach by phone, email, or live chat on its website.

    At Recharged Rides, we always test customer service responsiveness when doing electric bicycle reviews. We’re happy to report that phone calls to Mokwheel are answered and not simply sent to a voicemail box. Also, we were very impressed by Mokwheel’s email support which responded to our inquiries in just a few hours…

    Mokwheel Customer Service Test

    Optional Accessories and Add-ons

    In addition to Mokwheel’s lineup of high-performance fat tire e-bikes, the company also sells a full range of accessories including bike locks, safety gear, cargo baskets, inverters, and more. All of these accessories are designed to enhance the performance and safety of Mokwheel’s rides they’re available for purchase directly from the company’s official website.

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    Mokwheel's electric bike range is manufactured in China.

    Mokwheel is owned by the founder, Denny Liu.

    The Mokwheel Basalt has a top speed of 28 mph.

    The Mokwheel Basalt weighs in at 79 pounds.

    Mokwheel's Basalt comes fitted with 26" x 4" CHAOYANG fat tires.

    Mokwheel bikes include 7-speed SHIMANO drivetrains, 48-volt Samsung lithium-ion batteries, TEKTRO brakes.

    Mokwheel E-Bikes on Sale!

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