Fiido Electric Bikes Review (2023)

A growing Chinese brand known for its portable folding designs, Fiido's electric bikes are a super convenient option for commuting in busy cities...

Fiido Electric Bikes



Electric bikes have come a long way in the last few years from the days of being viewed only as a hobby for the urbanite or weekend warrior. Now, with the rise of e-bike adoption, the landscape of the industry is quickly changing to accommodate those who want to be as mobile as possible without all the hassles of riding a traditional bicycle. One of the companies that’s leading the way is Fiido.

Founded in 2016 by Kevin Wang, Fiido is a Shenzhen, China-based company that manufactures and sells electric bikes. With a focus on portability and convenience, Fiido’s electric bikes are designed to be easily carried and stored, making them ideal for commuting in busy cities.

Fiido offers 10 different models of electric bikes and scooters, each with its own unique features and benefits. Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly option or want all the bells and whistles, there’s a Fiido bike that will suit your needs.

One of the things we like most about Fiido’s electric bikes is their strong focus on building fun mobility solutions for city dwellers. Fiido’s innovative designs are changing how people think about e-bikes, providing riders with highly-capable electric bicycles that are incredibly compact.

In this review of the Fiido brand, we’ll take a look at each of their e-bike models for 2023 and cover specs, special discounts, commonly asked questions, warranty, and more.



FOUNDER Kevin Wang
HEADQUARTERS Shenzhen, China
PRODUCTS Electric bikes, scooters
WARRANTY 12-month
PRICING Click here to check prices
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    Fiido E-Bike Comparison Chart

    L3 53 lbs 265 lbs 124 miles Click Here
    M1 Pro 55 lbs 265 lbs 81 miles Click Here
    T1 99 lbs 430 lbs 93 miles Click Here
    D11 39 lbs 265 lbs 62 miles Click Here
    D4S 41 lbs 265 lbs 50 miles Click Here
    D2S 43 lbs 265 lbs 37 miles Click Here
    M1 55 lbs 265 lbs 62 miles Click Here
    D21 39 lbs 265 lbs 62 miles Click Here
    M21 55 lbs 265 lbs 62 miles Click Here
    D3 Pro 39 lbs 265 lbs 37 miles Click Here

    Fiido Electric Bike Reviews

    Fiido L3


    Fiido's L3 is an electric bike that offers long-range performance and the convenience of a folding design. A 48V 23.2Ah battery and powerful 350W motor power the L3 to an impressive 124-mile range per charge. This model is the perfect option for any serious city commuter...


    Fiido M1 Pro

    M1 Pro

    The Fiido M1 Pro electric bike is a folding fat tire machine that's designed to be ridden on- and off-road. Weighing in at only 55 lbs and packing 124 miles of range, the M1 Pro is designed to tackle any type of terrain while providing a smooth, comfortable ride...


    Fiido T1


    Innovative and versatile, the Fiido T1 is a cargo bike designed to tackle the daily grind. With a powerful 750W motor and 48V 20Ah battery, the Fiido T1 can carry loads of up to 430 pounds. The front suspension and rugged fat tires take care of bumps while delivering outstanding comfort...


    Fiido D11


    Fiido's D11 is a gorgeous-looking electric bike that combines a lightweight design with a host of features, making it a great choice for city commutes or casual rides. Featuring a 36V 11.6Ah battery and 250W motor, the D11 is capable of cruising 62 miles on a single charge...


    Fiido D4S


    The Fiido D4S is a 20-inch electric bike with a compact folding frame. The 36V 10.4Ah battery and 250W motor offer a good balance of power and range, making the comfortable D4S a perfect solution for commuting, errand running, and joy riding...


    Fiido D2S


    Fiido's D2S e-bike is a compact folding model that's ideal for commuters. With its 250W motor and 36V 7.8Ah battery, this model delivers a 37-mile range per charge. The D2S is ideal for urban commutes, with a lightweight and compact folding design that makes it easy to carry...


    Fiido M1


    A folding fat tire mountain bike with a 250W motor, Fiido's M1 is a versatile machine that can tackle city streets and off-road trails with ease. The M1 comes equipped with front and rear shocks and the folding frame makes it exceptionally easy to transport and store...


    Fiido D21


    A stylish, modern electric bike, the Fiido D21 is a folding, ultralight ride that's capable of cruising up to 62 miles on a single charge. Featuring a torque sensor that provides increased control, efficient 250W motor, and 36V 11.6Ah battery, the Fiido D21 is designed for maximum fun...


    Fiido M21


    The folding frame and full suspension design make the M21 a great choice for riders who want a reliable, versatile, and affordable e-bike that can handle tough terrain. Loaded with a 48V 11.6Ah battery, torque sensor, and full suspension design, the M21 offers great value and performance...


    Fiido D3 Pro

    D3 Pro

    Fiido's sleek and lightweight D3 Pro electric bike offers a minimalistic design and extreme compactness for commuters who want to take their bike with them everywhere. Powered by a 250W motor and 36V 7.8Ah battery, the Fiido D3 Pro is capable of reaching 37 miles per charge...


    Fiido Coupon Code and Promos

    At the moment, you can instantly save $50 on any Fiido electric bike by entering the coupon code SAS50 during the checkout process. Additionally, Fiido will ship your new electric bike out for free.

    For more special offers, be sure to check out our frequently-updated list of this month’s best e-bike deals.

    Location of Fiido Headquarters

    Warranty & Customer Service

    Fiido’s innovative e-bikes come with a 12-month warranty which will provide coverage in the event of a manufacturing defect. You’ll have the option of either contacting the brand via email or the contact form on the company’s website to get in touch.

    Also, whenever we are working on an e-bike review, we always rate the responsiveness of the brand’s customer service. Fiido performed extremely well in this category, with Ling over at Fiido sending us a friendly reply to our emailed customer support inquiry in less than 6 hours…

    Fiido Customer Support Rating

    Optional Accessories and Add-ons

    As you see with other top electric bike brands, Fiido sells a full range of parts and accessories to make your e-bike experience even better. These include chargers, tubes, fenders, bags, pedals, brake pads, brake discs, batteries, and more.

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    Fiido's e-bikes are manufactured in China.

    Fiido's electric bikes include an IP54 water resistance rating which means that they are protected against splashes.

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