Onewheel FAQs: The Remarkable Electric Skateboard with One Wheel

Electric Skateboard with One Wheel

In this Onewheel FAQ guide, we’ll cover some of the most frequently asked questions about these popular one-wheeled electric skateboards. Onewheels are unlike anything else on the electric skateboard market, and we’ll dive into how they work, how much they cost, whether or not they’re safe, and much more.

We’ll also provide some great tips for getting the best deal on a new Onewheel board, so if you’re thinking about getting a Onewheel for yourself or are just curious as to what all the buzz is about, read on!

What is a Onewheel?

Onewheel is a unique type of self-balancing electric skateboard that features a gyroscope and a single large wheel in the center of the board. Onewheels are powered by lithium-ion batteries, a hypercore brushless hub motor, and can reach speeds of up to 20 mph. They’re designed for all-terrain use and can be ridden on grass, dirt, pavement, sand, and more.

How Much is a Onewheel?

The price of a Onewheel varies widely depending on a number of factors, including the model of the board and how it’s configured. Currently, the brand sells three models (Pint, Pint X, and GT) ranging in price from $1,050 to $2,200. Additionally, Onewheel has a variety of upgraded accessory bundles available, including items like fenders, bumpers, rail guards, stands, and more.

Is a Onewheel Worth it?

A Onewheel’s price tagĀ  doesn’t come cheap and there is a small learning curve, but with its unique design and next-level fun factor, a Onewheel is a truly wonderful, incredibly versatile piece of cutting-edge technology that’s well worth the investment in our opinion.

Why is a Onewheel so Expensive?

Onewheels are expensive because they’re extremely well-designed, built-to-last machines that include amazing technology not available elsewhere. Unlike regular electric skateboards, Onewheels offer a unique riding experience and feature next-level technology.

Is a Onewheel Safe?

The answer to this question depends largely on several factors, including a rider’s experience level, weather conditions and terrain, riding style, and whether or not proper safety gear is being used. Having said that, a Onewheel is designed with safety in mind and includes features such as Push Back which improves balance and ride stability while helping to avoid loss of control.

How Does a Onewheel Work?

The Onewheel is a unique class of electric skateboard that works very differently from traditional skateboards. It has one large wheel in the center instead of four small wheels, and it uses a combination of sensors and software to keep you balanced. To ride it, you simply stand on the board with your feet together and lean forward to go forward and back to go backward.

Are Onewheels Waterproof?

No, the Onewheel is not waterproof and does not have an IP rating. However, Onewheels are water-resistant and designed so that dust and dirt don’t reach the electronic components.

How Fast Does a Onewheel Go?

At the moment, there are three Onewheel boards available and the top speeds are 16 mph (Pint), 18 mph (Pint X), and 20 mph (GT). Of course, there are a variety of things that can also impact a Onewheel’s speed such as terrain, rider weight, conditions.

How Much Does a Onewheel Weigh?

The Onewheel Pint weighs 23 lbs, the Pint X weighs 27 lbs, and the top-of-the-line GT weighs in at 35 lbs.

How Long Does a Onewheel Take to Ship?

Onewheel typically ships orders out same-day as long as the board is in stock and your order is received before 3pm PST.

How Long Does a Onewheel Last?

When properly cared for, a Onewheel will last for many years. The tires will need to be replaced after 750 to 1,500 miles (this is largely dependent on things like tire pressure and rider weight) while the battery should last for 500 to 1,000 charges.

Does the Onewheel Ever Go on Sale?

While Onewheels don’t go on sale often, they can often be purchased a little cheaper around Black Friday. Be sure to bookmark our regularly-updated electric skateboard sale page for up to date details on all of the best deals currently being offered.

How Long Does a Onewheel Battery Last?

Riding range of a Onewheel battery is anywhere from 6 to 32 miles, depending on the model. Regarding battery lifespan, life expectancy of most high-quality lithium-ion batteries is around 1,000 charges.

Why Does the Onewheel Nosedive?

While the Onewheel comes with a unique safety feature referred to as “Push Back”, nosedives can occur when your Onewheel’s battery is nearly out of juice and no longer has enough power to assist the motor in keeping the board balanced.

Does the Onewheel Come with a Charger?

Yes, all Onewheel boards include a charger.

Does Onewheel Do Black Friday?

Yes, Onewheel’s often go on sale around the Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping season.

How Long Does a Onewheel Tire Last?

The life expectancy of a Onewheel tire depends on several factors such as rider weight, tire pressure, and riding style. For the most part, you can expect to get anywhere from 750 to 1,500 miles out of a Onewheel tire before needing to replace it.

Where Does Onewheel Ship to?

Onewheel boards are shipped from Future Motion’s San Jose, CA manufacturing facilities to practically anywhere in the world.

Does Onewheel Help With Snowboarding?

There are strong similarities between riding a Onewheel and a snowboard, making Onewheels a great off-season activity for die-hard snowboarders who are missing that mountaintop stoke. Having said that, Onewheels do give a different carve experience than snowboards due to the fact that you are working with a soft, round tire edge vs. sharp metal edging.

Does Onewheel Have a Weight Limit?

Yes, the maximum weight limit for a Onewheel is 275 lbs.

Does Onewheel Offer a Military Discount?

Yes, Future Motion does offer a small military discount (~5%) on certain Onewheel models. This isn’t something that’s advertised on the brand’s website, and you’ll need to email Onewheel’s customer support to request a coupon code.

Does Onewheel Burn Calories?

Yes, riding a Onewheel engages a lot of major muscle groups and does burn calories.

Does the Onewheel Come Charged?

No, Onewheels arrive with only a third or half charge and should be charged fully before riding.

How Does a Onewheel Turn?

To turn a Onewheel, simply apply pressure to your heels or toes depending on the direction you want to go. The harder you lean into the turn, the sharper it will be.

What is the Best Onewheel?

Currently, there are three Onewheel models available and they each have pros and cons. If you’re looking for a lightweight and easy to carry model that won’t break the bank, the Pint is a great choice. If high-performance is your top priority, we recommend the Onewheel GT.

Where is Onewheel Located?

The manufacturer of Onewheel boards, Future Motion Inc, is located in Santa Cruz, CA.

Can You Ride a Onewheel in the Rain?

While you can ride a Onewheel in light rain, you should avoid heavy downpours as the Onewheel is not waterproof and the board’s electronics can be damaged if it gets soaked with water.

Can a Onewheel Go Uphill?

Yes, Onewheels are a blast to ride up hills and down.

Can You Lock a Onewheel?

While the Onewheel doesn’t come with a disable feature that locks it down, you can secure it by using a U-lock or locking chain.

Can You Overcharge Your Onewheel?

The Onewheel is designed with technology that prevents it from being overcharged, so the Onewheel’s battery isn’t damaged if the charger remains plugged in longer than needed.

Where is the Best Place to Buy a Onewheel?

We’d recommend buying your Onewheel directly from Future Motion (the manufacturer). You can order Onewheel boards directly through the company’s official brand website.

What Voids the Onewheel Warranty?

As with all today’s leading electric skateboard brands, there are several things that will void the Onewheel’s 1-year warranty, including purchasing from an unauthorized reseller, water damage, modification, removal of the barcode or serial number, overloading the board, and damage caused by acts-of-God.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Onewheel boards are revolutionizing the way people get from point A to point B, providing riders with an addictively fun, eco-friendly way to get around. Future Motion’s uniquely-designed, one-wheeled rides continue to grow in popularity as more riders are introduced to these amazing machines, and we hope that this FAQ guide has provided you with answers to some of your biggest Onewheel questions.

Do you have additional Onewheel questions that we missed in our guide? If so, please consider posting them below and we’ll do our best to help out!

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