An Introduction to Using Electric Mountain Bikes for Hunting

Hunter on Electric Mountain Bike

An electric mountain bike (eMTB) is a great way to get around off the beaten path. These fun bikes are easy to ride and maneuver, making them perfect for many outdoor activities such as hiking, backpacking, fishing, and hunting. Powered by lithium-ion batteries and powerful mid-drive and hub-drive motors, electric mountain bikes are built for off-roading and hill-climbing adventures. Over the past few years, eMTBs become increasingly popular among serious hunters who’ve discovered that they’re an easier, more efficient way to haul gear and quickly get to their hunting spot.

In this guide, we’ll discuss the basics of using an electric mountain bike for hunting. We’ll go over the main reasons why so many hunters are converting from long-time ATV and quad users to electric bike owners, some of the more important things to consider before running out and making a purchase, and which hunting e-bike brands you should consider buying from. While this beginner’s guide is designed to get you up to speed on the basics, we highly recommend checking out our comprehensive FAQ guide for deeper coverage of the topic.

Why an eMTB is Great for Hunting

Rugged Durability

Electric mountain bikes are designed with toughness and reliability in mind. Featuring high-quality frames and componentry, eMTBs are built from the ground up to withstand extreme temperatures, shocks, and vibrations. Powered by mid-drive and hub-drive motors capable of climbing hills, pulling trailers, and conquering challenging trails, electric mountain bikes are the ultimate ride for hunters who are in search of a better way to get around.

Hauling Small Game

Many electric mountain bikes feature a built-in rack with a weight capacity that’s perfect for carrying small game. These racks are neatly integrated into the bike’s design and provide a convenient way to transport game to your vehicle or campsite.

Towing Large Game

While an eMTB’s rear cargo rack is ideal for hauling small game, what about larger game such as elk or whitetail deer? There are a variety of fat tire hunting bike trailers available today which can be pulled behind an electric mountain bike. These trailers are affordable hunting accessories that will make it easier than ever to pack out your game and haul it out of the woods.

Carrying Hunting Gear

In addition to hauling game, the integrated rear rack included with many electric mountain bikes can also be used to attach pannier bags, boxes, a cooler, camping supplies, and other hunting gear. You can also customize your ride by adding a front cargo basket for additional carrying capacity, and racks are even available for safely and securely transporting your firearms.

Integrated Lighting for Safety and Visibility

Most electric mountain bikes come with integrated lights that allow you to ride at night safely. These lights are usually mounted on the front and rear of the bike, and they’re great for alerting other hunters to the fact that you’re nearby or providing the visibility you need to navigate out of the woods in low light conditions.

Fat Tires for All-Terrain Performance

Some electric MTBs have fat tires that provide added stability and traction. Our favorite tire for hunting bikes, fat tires deliver next-level performance on everything from sand to snow and provide increased grip and handling on uneven terrain. Most of today’s electric hunting bikes come fitted from the manufacturer with fat tires.

Suspension for Comfort and Off-Road Handling

The suspension system on an electric mountain bike is designed to absorb bumps, shocks, and jarring vibrations that occur when you ride off-road. The suspension’s bump absorption keeps you comfortable in the saddle and improves handling. Suspension is a must in our opinion if you’re in the market for a hunting e-bike, and you can choose from front fork or full-suspension designs.

Pedal Assist or Throttle Mode

Unlike traditional bicycles that rely solely on pedal power, an eMTB offers riders various pedal-assist levels to reduce fatigue and provide an extra punch of power that’s often needed when climbing a steep incline or navigating over rough terrain. In addition to PAS, hunters can also use throttle mode which relies entirely on the bike’s motor for power output.

The Best Electric Mountain Bike Brands for Hunters



Founded in 2012 by brothers Jake and Justin Roach, QuietKat is a Colorado-based company that builds electric fat tire bikes for outdoor enthusiasts. The most popular maker of electric hunting bikes, QuietKat was acquired in May 2021 by industry giant, Vista Outdoor.

QuietKat is well-known for its high-quality fat tire e-bikes, and the brand has been a hit with serious hunters, anglers, and outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking for an all-around fat tire e-bike that can handle rugged, off-road adventures or simply want a reliable, highly-capable ride to get you in and out of the woods during your hunting trips, you’ll be able to find a QuietKat model that’s perfect for your use case.

QuietKat is headquartered in Eagle, CO, and its bikes are manufactured in China. The brand stands behind everything they make with a 1-year/1,000-mile warranty which provides peace of mind in the event of a manufacturing defect. Additionally, QuietKat takes things a step further than most electric bike brands by offering a 30-day money-back guarantee that doesn’t charge restocking fees or even bill customers for return shipping costs.

If you’re looking for a well-established brand that has a track record for producing high-quality bikes and standing behind what they make, QuietKat is a company that should be on your shortlist.



Ogden, Utah’s Bakcou was founded by Bryan Child and Dave Andre in 2016. Since its beginnings, this friendly brand has maintained its focus on producing high-performance fat tire hunting e-bikes that are rugged, reliable, and designed first and foremost with utility in mind.

Bakcou’s 2022 hunting e-bike range currently consists of 9 models and the company also sells a growing range of replacement parts and accessories. With a focus on fat tire models, Bakcou’s bikes come loaded with BAFANG mid-drive and rear hub motors, Shimano gearing, Tektro brakes, and more.

Bakcou’s electric bikes are manufactured in Taiwan and are covered by a 1-year warranty. Like QuietKat, Bakcou also offers a 30-day return window although a 15% restocking fee is charged on all returns.



Founded in 2018 by Daniel Hang, Bikonit is a California-based brand that’s focused on building electric bikes that are reliable and built to last. Bikonit’s bikes feature long-lasting, dual-battery designs that are capable of cruising for more than 100 miles per charge, and they’re extremely popular with hunters who regularly go on long-range hunting trips.

Built to handle harsh environments, Bikonit’s three electric bike models pack powerful BAFANG motors, Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, lockout front forks with air suspension, and 26″ x 4.5″ Kenda Juggernaut fat tires.

Bikonit’s e-bikes are manufactured in China and include a 1-year warranty. The brand’s batteries are guaranteed for 2 years and its frames are covered for life. Bikonit also has a 15-day return policy, but as is commonly seen in this industry, a 15% restocking fee is charged when returns are made.



Another brand that’s producing some of today’s best electric hunting bikes is Rungu. Its double-wheeled, Dualie e-bikes are definitely one of the most unique electric bike designs you’ll see, and the dual front wheel setup delivers next-level handling and stability in challenging conditions.

Headquartered in San Clemente, CA and owned by parent company Standard Bearer Machines, Rungu makes e-bikes that are built with performance in mind. These highly capable machines are fun to ride on everything from sandy beaches to snow-packed, backwood trails. Packing a serious amount of torque, stopping power, and cargo-hauling capacity, Rungu’s premium hunting e-bikes should be at the top of your list if you’re looking for performance-oriented design that pushes the boundaries of what eMTBs are capable of.

Rungu’s 2022 range consists of five e-bike models and a line of high-quality accessories. Rungu electric bikes are manufactured at the brand’s Santa Ana, CA-factory and include a generous 2-year warranty.

Rambo Bikes

Rambo Bikes

Last but not least, Centerville, Iowa’s Rambo Bikes has a large lineup of 17 off-road e-bikes that are designed for hunting, fishing, trail riding, and more. Rambo’s versatile electric bikes are built from the ground up to be the ultimate all-terrain ride, and the company also sells a full range of apparel, replacement parts, and compatible e-bike accessories.

Rambo’s e-bikes are priced at $1,999 and up, and include high-powered motors and batteries, hydraulic and mechanical disc brakes, Kenda Krusade fat tires, and multiple color options. The brand includes a 12-month warranty which provides coverage in the event of a manufacturing defect and there’s also a 30-day return policy (although Rambo applies a hefty 20% restocking fee on all returns).

Final Thoughts

For hunters, there’s no better ride than an electric MTB. In addition to their ease of maintenance and outstanding all-terrain performance, electric mountain bikes offer the ultimate in versatility and can be used on everything from city streets to backwoods trails.

With such a large number of manufacturers to choose from, it’s easier than ever to find an electric bike for hunting that will perfectly suit your needs. We hope that the information and recommendations provided in this guide will assist you in finding the best electric mountain bike for your needs, and if you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comments section below.

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