Commuters Transitioning to Electric Skateboards, UPS E-Cycles, & More

Rising Gas Prices

With gas prices continuing to rise week after week, we’re seeing reports of more commuters turning to cost-efficient electric skateboards as an alternative means of everyday transportation. Additionally, UPS announced that the company has begun to test its four-wheeled electric delivery cycles. This comes on the heels of the news from a few weeks ago that USPS is experimenting with three-wheeled electric cargo bikes and we expect this trend to continue.

Also in the news this week, Massachusetts’ Delta Cycle is expanding its business by entering the rapidly growing e-bike market with two models and Lime is adding several hundred new electric cycles to its Long Beach business.

Lastly, the popular micromobility platform HumanForest reported this week of a record jump in electric bike usage.

And now for this week’s personal EV news, brought to you by Recharged Rides:

Commuters Fighting Rising Gas Prices with Electric Skateboards

More and more commuters are fighting rising gas prices by transitioning to electric skateboards like the popular Onewheel. The electric skateboard movement has exploded in recent years, with many individuals purchasing them for both recreational riding and daily commutes.

Like scooters and e-bikes, electric skateboards give you the freedom to navigate the busy streets of major cities, without getting stuck in traffic or having to deal with parking hassles. When it comes to carryability, electric skateboards are in a league of their own however, making them a great choice for city dwellers who need an ultra-compact ride that’ll get them from point A to point B.

But we’re finding that it’s not just commuters who are making the switch. College students are also using electric skateboards to get around campus, and the small, highly-portable design allows them to be carried to class and stored securely in their dorm room when not in use.

UPS Testing Four-Wheeled Electric Delivery Cycles

UPS Electric Delivery Cycle

UPS, the global shipping giant, has begun testing its four-wheeled electric cycles in the United States. Following in the footsteps of USPS’ recent announcement of its three-wheeled electric cargo delivery bikes (and Amazon’s e-cargo bikes), UPS’ cycles feature a compact form factor and provide increased maneuverability that’s perfect for crowded urban environments.

Designed by Fernhay, an urban transportation solutions provider, the eQuad features a mid-drive motor, bicycle pedals, and a design that can only be described as resembling a miniature UPS van.

UPS initially rolled out its electric vehicles in Europe in early 2022, and the company is now testing the eQuad on the streets of New York City.

Massachusetts' Delta Cycle Expands into Growing E-Bike Market

Delta Cycle Electric Bikes

Delta Cycle, a Massachusetts-based bike accessory company, is expanding its product range into the electric bike market with the release of two new e-bike models.

Unlike the majority of today’s electric bike startups, Delta’s electric bicycles are being manufactured in Indonesia, meaning they will not be subject to the United States’ 25% tariff on China-made products.

Delta’s e-bikes include ultra-generous 3-year warranties, Shimano shifting, rear storage racks, fenders, lighting, and an accessory package (as you’d expect from Delta).

The range is being launched with both a mid-drive and hub drive model. The MSRP of the brand’s mid-drive model is $2,199, while its hub drive e-bike is priced at $1,999.

Lime Rolling out New Fleet of Shared Electric Bikes

Lime, one of America’s biggest e-scooter and e-bike sharing service providers, has announced it is adding a new electric cycle to its California fleet.

The new Lime Citra cycle features a large padded seat, 20mph top speed, and 750W rear hub motor. The bike is reported to have a 30-mile max range.

The company is initially planning to launch the new model in the Long Beach market with 200 bikes. If the rollout is successful, Lime may expand the number of bikes to 500.

The move is an attempt to diversify away from being known only as an electric scooter brand, says Lime.

London-Based Micromobility Platform HumanForest Reports Record E-Bike Usage

HumanForest E-Bike Sharing

London’s HumanForest, a popular e-bike sharing platform that was launched in 2019, has reported a record jump in electric bike usage with 150,000 trips last month in the Central London area alone.

The growing startup announced that every week over the course of the last month, approximately 6,000 riders jumped on a HumanForest e-bike for the first time. In an effort to make biking more accessible to all, HumanForest provides 10 free minutes of daily e-bike access, free parking, and training academies to its riders.

As fuel costs continue to rise, we anticipate hearing more announcements like this from the company throughout the summer months.

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