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A powerful, feature-rich electric cargo bike that's easily customized and delivers impressive performance...

Blix Packa Genie



What is the Blix Packa Genie?

The Blix Packa Genie is a longtail electric cargo bike that features a modular design, making it incredibly easy to set up to your liking. Capable of cruising up to 80 miles on a single charge with the optional dual-battery configuration, the Packa Genie can be upgraded with a wide range of cool accessories, including rear rack cushions (for hauling passengers), running boards, cargo racks and baskets, wheel guards, and more.

In this review of Blix’s popular Packa Genie cargo e-bike, we’ll take a look at the model’s features, specs, and performance of this model. We’ll also share the top reasons why we feel that the Packa Genie is a bike worth considering if you’re in the market for a versatile cargo e-bike that’s super easy to customize to your liking.


MODEL Packa Genie
CATEGORY Electric cargo bike
RANGE 40 miles (single battery), 80 miles (dual)
WEIGHT 67 lbs
CUSTOMER RATING 4.9/5 (106+ reviews)
COUPON CODE RIDETOGETHER ($200 off 2 e-bikes)
PRICE Click here to see best price
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    About Blix

    Blix Bikes Showroom

    A Santa Cruz-based brand with electric bikes designed for everyday use, Blix brings us a solid lineup of e-bikes designed for all types of riders. Founded by Pontus Malmberg in 2014, the Blix brand has always maintained a strong focus on quality and affordability, making them an excellent choice if you’re in the market for a stylish, well-designed electric bike that won’t break the bank.

    Additionally, Blix includes a 1-year warranty with all of their e-bikes which provides customers with coverage in the event of a manufacturing defect.



    • 6061 aluminum alloy step-through frame
    • MICROSHIFT 8-speed shifter
    • Shimano Acera derailleur
    • Shimano RevoShift 7-speed shifter
    • KMC chain
    • Front and rear PVC fenders
    • Bengal hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm rotors
    • 170mm crankset
    • 24″ x 2.4″ puncture-resistant tires with reflective safety strips
    • Ultra-sturdy double kickstand


    • 750W geared rear hub motor
    • 48V 12Ah 614Wh battery (front)
    • Optional 48V 12Ah 614Wh battery (rear)
    • 2A AC 120V-240V charger
    • Integrated LED headlight
    • Ultra-bright LED taillight
    • 12 magnet cadence sensor
    • LCD display with USB charging port

    Blix Packa Genie Review: E-Bike Overview

    One of the more interesting trends in the e-bike world today is the rise of electric cargo bikes. These bikes are a hybrid between a regular bike and a car, giving riders the ability to carry cargo and passengers.

    The Blix Packa Genie is one of the most popular electric cargo bikes currently on the market, and the model has been the recipient of industry awards including Bicycling’s 2020 bike awards winner for the best value cargo e-bike. It’s a fun and easy to ride electric bike with a modular design that’s super easy to customize with Blix’s growing assortment of add-on accessories. This, combined with the fact that the bike is available in three different colors and two battery configurations, make the Packa Genie a perfect choice for riders in search of a personalized ride that’s dialed in to their personal preferences.

    The Packa Genie comes well-equipped with a good quality componentry package comprised of brand names like Shimano, MICROSHIFT, and Bengal. The bike’s 750W rear hub motor is extremely peppy, providing the bike with plenty of power for hauling kiddos, shopping supplies, or gear. Braking power is also impressive, thanks to the front and rear hydraulic brakes with 180mm rotors.

    Size and Weight

    The Blix Packa Genie weighs in at 67 lbs in the single battery configuration, and 75.5 lbs in the dual-battery setup. The bike has a 53.7″ wheelbase and 19.4″ standover height. Blix recommends the Packa Genie for riders between 5’1″ and 6’3″, and extremely tall individuals will definitely find the bike to be a bit uncomfortable.


    Blix Packa Genie E-Bike Details

    1-year warranty

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    Available in both single and double-battery configurations for ultra-long-range

    2 of 14

    Extended-length rear cargo rack provides ample space for passengers, shopping supplies, and gear

    3 of 14

    Front and rear PVC fenders

    4 of 14

    24″ x 2.4″ tires

    5 of 14

    750W geared hub motor

    6 of 14

    LCD display with USB charging port

    7 of 14

    Bengal hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm rotors

    8 of 14

    LED headlight

    9 of 14

    Ultra-bright LED taillight for improved safety

    10 of 14

    KMC chain

    11 of 14

    Shimano Acera derailleur

    12 of 14

    170mm crankset with integrated chain guide

    13 of 14

    High-quality 6061 aluminum alloy step-through frame

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    Performance and Ride

    The ride quality of the Blix Packa Genie is very good, and it’s not an e-bike that takes much getting used to. With it’s easy to mount step-through frame and comfortable riding position, the Packa Genie will deliver an enjoyable experience for all but the tallest of riders.

    The wider 24″ x 2.4″ tires included with the bike also contribute nicely to the Packa Genie’s great ride. They track and handle well, and the reflective safety strips on the sidewall are a nice touch for added nighttime safety.

    In terms of power, the Packa Genie is impressive — easily able to tackle steep hills even while transporting heavier loads, while the 180mm hydraulic disc brakes deliver the type of stopping power that we prefer on bikes like this that are designed to carry passengers and heavier cargo.

    Build Quality

    As with Blix’s other e-bikes, the build quality on the Packa Genie is solid, and the bike arrives well-packed and mostly assembled. Previously, there were some customer complaints regarding the way that the bike was packed, but those concerns have been addressed and Blix does a nice job of securely packaging the bike to avoid any damage during the shipping process.

    Blix includes a handy toolkit with the bike and they’ve also taken the time to create a well-done assembly tutorial video (see below). Overall, assembly is fairly painless and can be completed in about 5 minutes.


    One of the nicer-looking electric cargo bikes, Blix’s Packa Genie features a handsome step-through frame with clean lines and three attractive paint options (Bright White, Slate Gray, and Teal). Since this is a utility bike, we think the Packa Genie looks the best when it’s accessorized with the various add-ons offered by Blix and when this bike is fully decked out, it’s a real show stopper that gets comments everywhere you go.

    Included Accessories & Optional Add-ons

    Blix includes front and rear fenders with the Packa Genie as well as a convenient toolkit for easy, headache-free assembly. As mentioned, the company does offer a nice range of optional add-on accessories such as cargo baskets, racks, running boards, rear rack cushions, and Blix’s VIP Section mount which provides added safety for children who have outgrown child seats.

    Warranty & Customer Support

    Blix includes a 1-year warranty with all of their electric bikes. There’s also a 30-day return window, although the company charges a huge 25% restocking fee plus return shipping costs.

    If you need to get in touch with Blix, the company can be reached via phone or by submitting a support ticket through the brand’s website. Lastly, whenever we’re rating an electric bike, we always check out the responsiveness of the brand’s customer service department. Blix blew us away in this area, with one of their customer support representatives responding to our submitted inquiry in only 2 minutes…

    Blix Bike Customer Support Test

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    How to Assemble the Blix Packa Genie (VIDEO)

    Packa Genie Assembly

    Price and Where to Buy it

    Like many other popular electric bike brands, Blix is a consumer-direct company that sells its bikes directly through the Blix online store. At the time of this review, the MSRP of the single battery Packa Genie is $1,999 while the price of the upgraded dual-battery model is $2,299 (a very good deal in our opinion). Blix also throws in free shipping to the lower 48 states, and at the moment you can save some extra money on your bike by taking advantage of a special limited-time promotion. Buy any 2 Blix e-bikes and save $200 instantly by using the coupon code RIDETOGETHER. Just click the link above to visit Blix’s online store, add the bikes to your shopping cart, and then enter the promo code when checking out.


    All of Blix's electric bicycles are manufactured in China.

    Blix's Packa Genie is a Class 2 electric bike.

    Pros and Cons

    • Offers very good value
    • Modular electric cargo bike platform makes personalization and customization easy
    • Comfortable bike that rides and handles well
    • 750W rear hub motor delivers impressive power
    • Dual-battery setup is amazing for extended, long-range riding (up to 80 miles on a single charge)
    • Beautiful frame design with nice lines and attractive color options
    • Included front and rear fenders are a nice bonus and keep the rider clean
    • High-performance hydraulic brakes deliver excellent stopping power
    • Free shipping to lower 48

    Final Thoughts

    It’s a little hard to sum up Blix’s Packa Genie in just a short paragraph, because it’s such a versatile electric cargo bike that’s ideal for a wide range of riding scenarios. Whether you’re looking to buy this bike as a car replacement, delivery vehicle, grocery getter, or kiddo hauler, it won’t disappoint.

    Like the Blix Ultra, the Packa Genie has a beautifully-designed frame and it’s one of the nicest-looking cargo e-bikes on the market currently in our opinion. The extra long rear cargo rack provides plenty of room for passengers or shopping bags, and the ride experience is quite enjoyable.

    We also love the price point on this bike and the fact that it’s such an easy platform to customize. Blix gives riders an amazing foundation that can be built upon to do exactly what your individual use case demands. 

    At the end of the day, if you’re shopping around for an electric cargo bike and want a versatile, great-looking bike at a super attractive price point, the Packa Genie is pretty tough to beat in our opinion.

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