Best Electric Cargo Bike for Families?

Family Electric Cargo Bike

Electric cargo bikes are becoming more and more popular as a way to get around with your family. They’re perfect for carrying kids, groceries, pets, and just about anything else you might need. But with so many different options on the market, which electric cargo bike is the best for your family?

In this post, we’ll tell you about our favorite cargo bike for families with young children. This bike is super easy to get around town with, and it’s an absolute blast for the entire family… 

Why You Should Consider Buying an Electric Cargo Bike for Your Family

Low Emissions

Electric cargo bikes produce low emissions because they don’t use gasoline or diesel. If the idea of environmentally friendly transportation appeals to you, you’ll love cruising in an electric cargo bike.

Increased Cargo Capacity vs. Traditional Electric Bikes

Traditional electric bikes are not designed to handle significant cargo or multiple passengers. A cargo bike’s large box design is far superior to a typical bike cargo rack, providing you with tons of room to haul around your children, dogs, groceries, and more.

Low Noise

Electric cargo bikes are often touted for their quiet operation, making them an excellent choice for families. Quiet operation means your kids won’t have any difficulty communicating with one another (or you) while you’re out riding.

More Efficient Than a Car

Another main benefit of electric cargo bikes is that they’re more energy-efficient than a car. They use less energy and can travel significant distances before needing to be recharged.


Electric cargo bikes are an extremely cost-effective way to get around. They’re an ideal alternative to car ownership for families that want to save on gas, parking, maintenance, and insurance.

You Don't Need a Driver's License

Families can enjoy the benefits of electric cargo bicycles without having to worry about the hassle of needing a driver’s license.

Low Maintenance

Electric cargo bikes are low maintenance and perfect for families because they’re easy and inexpensive to operate when compared to automobiles. Realistically, you can expect to deal with the occasional tuneup at your local bike shop and typical maintenance items such as brake pads.

Stylish and Fun to Ride!

Last but not least, electric cargo bikes are absolutely perfect for families because they’re so stylish and fun to ride! These bikes turn heads everywhere they go and you’ll bond and build memories with your children that wouldn’t be possible in a mini-van.

The Downsides of Electric Cargo Bikes

Despite all of the positives, there are a few downsides to electric cargo bikes that you should be aware of!

For one, they’re not as efficient as traditional bikes when it comes to commuting. They also tend to be more expensive to purchase than traditional bikes, which could put them out of reach for some families. Lastly, due to their larger size, they can be difficult to store in small spaces and living situations where parking space is hard to come by.

Bunch Bikes' The Original: Best Electric Cargo Bike for Families

Bunch Bikes The Original

Our favorite electric cargo bike for families is Bunch Bikes’ The Original. This fun and stylish bike is perfect for commuting and has a low maintenance profile. The upfront box has a high load capacity and can accommodate up to four children, providing the kiddos with an unobstructed view while out cruising.

Whether you’re heading to the beach, grocery store, or your family’s favorite ice cream or coffee shop, The Original has the power and range to safely take you where you need to go. Powered by a 500W hub motor and 48v 13.6Ah Samsung battery, this top-shelf hill-crusher is capable of cruising for up to 35 miles on a single charge.

The Original’s built-in safety lights provide outstanding nighttime visibility and the front and rear hydraulic brakes provide more than enough power to stop this beast safely in its tracks.

Last but not least, Bunch Bikes is a super friendly company that’s family-owned and oriented. Unlike other brands that sell a wide range of electric bike styles, Bunch remains hyper-focused on electric cargo bikes, making them the go-to source for families who want to buy a safe and reliable electric cargo bike. Their customer support is also top-notch in our experience, and we can say with confidence that this Texas-based brand won’t disappear on you after a purchase is made.

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Is Bunch Bikes' The Original Safe for Kids?

In a word, yes! In fact, it’s actually the safest way to transport children.

The Original is a bakfiets-style cargo bike with an ultra-sturdy, front-mounted wooden box. This heavy-duty box does is designed from the ground up to keep your kids safe, and there is even a 3-point seatbelt for each child. The front placement of the box allows you to keep an eye on your children at all times, and the box is mounted low to the ground which boosts the overall stability of the bike and gives it a lower center of gravity.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, a 3-wheeled electric cargo bike is a total game-changer for families who want an eco-friendly and cost-effective way to get around town. They’re extremely easy to operate, unbelievably fun, and can be used for a variety of purposes, including errand running, grocery shopping, taking the kids to school, and more.

For families with small children, it doesn’t get any better than Bunch Bikes’ original 3-wheeled front-loader with its comfortable and spacious seating, ultra-durable frame, and a plethora of power. It’s the perfect bike for hauling the kiddos and their pals around, and one week with this beast in your driveway will have you winning the most-popular parent awards — guaranteed.

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